Jury reaches verdict on how much Alex Jones should pay Sandy Hook victims

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  1. I do it online and it takes no longer than an hour. Only annoying part is waiting for the paperwork from my employer, which is needed to start the process.

  2. This is the most common experience, but business owners and the self-employed swear that it's a major pain in the ass. They never shut the fuck up about taxes I s2g.

  3. So already unbearably long games will now be 20 minute longer

  4. I feel like a home run is even faster than a double because the batter doesn't have to undress and they get the new ball into pitcher faster.

  5. Anyone have a quick way to see the change in our guys' stats last year with these walls?

  6. There's such a huge random component to this though. So many top bullpen guys are up and down, pitch like an all star one year and turn into a turnstyle the next.

  7. He was just old school about "roles" in the pen. Kept bringing in aging all star closers instead of evaluating pitchers that would miss bats. Can't say i wasn't excited about almost every closer they brought in at the time though. I remember thinking Nathan was probably risky cuz of age, but I know I was pumped for Krod.

  8. Looks like maton is a major pull hitter, and if the shift is fully banned, could get a solid bump in his avg and obp. Vierling also hits the ball hard and on the ground, which I assume made him also victim to the shift. But he apparently goes oppo more than pull field so it might not manifest in a huge statistical jump.

  9. You know you got a baller when the highlight reel opens with a bunt.

  10. How come when they have multiple people with the same last name they identify them as the state they're from, instead of just using their first names?

  11. First names for same surname in same state I believe. They also use states for similar sounding names as well (Cain, Kane)

  12. I love how everyone claps when someone votes for themselves. Like, no shit?

  13. Jordan never voted for himself so it's not the foregone conclusion you'd think lmao

  14. Am I the only one who liked "The Event" that was a fun little alien show that I would've liked to see develop more after they dropped a bomb as a cliffhanger before getting cancelled.

  15. Not to mention a working quarry with blasting, non-stop rumbling dump trucks full of rocks and dust. I also suspect park visitors will park at the apartments and condos because the park lots are tiny and fill up easily and take up your space.

  16. I've been to the park as well, found it ugly, muddy, and uninteresting.

  17. Yeah I think it needs ten more years

  18. Serious question man. I just finished paying my, why do you deserve a break. And I don't?

  19. You can get a refund if you've been making payments since 2020 and wanted to get that money forgiven instead.

  20. For me and not to get to political but I do not support any liberal orgs or companies monetarily if I can avoid it. The Athletic is extremely liberal.

  21. How do you even make it through the day without being mad at something? It's a sports journalism website with good writers, you said so yourself.

  22. Gotta pitch in the local maker Watershed here. Definitely the best spirit maker in Columbus, and the cocktails are just as good.

  23. If you are ever traveling north. Grounds for Thought in Bowling Green is the best used bookstore I've personally ever been in

  24. Honestly Iveys health is my biggest worry about him too. My dude can only hit the deck so many times before he wears down.

  25. What is this tweet saying? 18 wasn't younger than lebron's career but 19 is?

  26. In CT, the judge determines punitives. The Plaintiffs asked in pretrial for there to be a punitive line on the verdict sheet so the jurors could offer an advisory opinion to the judge, but the judge did not agree. She probably helped the plaintiffs with that call, because the jurors could have awarded the exact same amount but allocated a bunch of it to punitives if there was a line for it. This way, it is all compensatory and not subject to any cap.

  27. They went over the schedule earlier in the day. It'll be November 3-6 if I remember correctly.

  28. A. The US court system is undoubtedly broken

  29. Good. Hopefully this means that he’ll never hurt anyone with his conspiracies again.

  30. Not liquid, No. All the "value" is in his audience and social media eyeballs. That might be a billion dollars of value though.

  31. No doubt this was the silver lining of the season.

  32. From another someone who doesn’t know the stats, I feel like he’s a little too eager to wave people home, but maybe that’s because we barely scored any fuckin runs this year

  33. That's definitely it. He probably even got lonely on third.

  34. He was solid last season in relief of Blaha, and the team happened to play its best ball with him so it was even more hype.

  35. I really liked Kane on TV. Detroit has been blessed with a lot of incredible play by plays but blaha is not one of them anymore. Basketball, in particular, seems like the sport for youth in the booth.

  36. Personally I only buy band merch that I want to wear. So I don't think this subtracts from the cringe at all.

  37. I’m an active backgammon player now bc I got introduced to it by the BB22 cast lol

  38. Ian was a semi professional backgammoner wasn't he? I feel like I remember that.

  39. I've met people who door dash full time and can pay their bills. They were more centrally located than Hilliard/Galloway though.

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