1. There is a snippet that I was waiting for but it didn’t make the cut

  2. Solid Plan’s beat was made for Action Bronson

  3. Facts. Do we need an NSFW rating when posting that.

  4. Definitely wanna hear the Jay Worthy and Action Bronson feature. These features on the album is looking like a no skips album. If this ain’t AOTY yo I’m calling bluff

  5. Kudos to Baker to getting another shot. Can’t wait to see how many passes we bat when we play them.

  6. 60 days cause it’s rare hearing Alc rap. Not to mention a whole lot can change in 60 days.

  7. Lucky they ain’t make him sing Nicki Minaj part in FEFE.

  8. This man could’ve been out here swiping right now he gonna be in jail swiping his bloody asshole. Kudos you idiot.

  9. The Big Sean verse was a surprise but fit in nicely. Also, these choice of cars in the videos adds a nice touch. Larry in his bag when the 87 Vette come out.

  10. I wonder if he shouted "TREYWAY" by accident as he was getting jumped

  11. Wonder if they told him to sing Nicki Minaj part to FEFE?

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