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  1. Emerald crystalariums for her. But yes poppies and melons. Summer is great to wife her up then the early fall birthday when you've stocked up on her loved gifts

  2. Makes Robin's special request order super easy too. I had a mahogany tree forest growing in my farm. Chopped it all down for about 1,500 hardwood

  3. How much does pour over time really affect the cup? I've been doing a rough variation on the Hoffman method, but I just do my whole pour at once at a fairly cool consistent rate. I still time it, but I don't really follow his timing anymore. How much difference would you really see from pouring everything in 1:30 vs 2:30 etc.

  4. By "2 marks past" and "3 marks past", are you going coarser or finer?

  5. Probably finer, as they mention getting close to espresso

  6. Mine are 3 and 4 and they tend to want to go potty at the same time - not as a group activity, but like “no I WANNA GO FIRST!!!” Simply because the other one has to go 🥴 but when one gets in, they ask for their “prigacy” and ask for everyone else to leave

  7. I get that too, minus the asking for privacy. I'm trying to teach my 2yo about that. We have a smaller training potty of course, but my daughter knows how to get on and use the big one, so they can actually go together, but there's no room for me to help my son who's still in diapers, so I need to help him get the diaper off and get him on the potty, and there's no real estate to do it

  8. If he's actually peeing or pooping when he goes to the bathroom then he's on the right track and you don't want to stop progress. On the other hand if he's not, you don't want to squash his enthusiasm because you don't want him to NOT want to do it later.

  9. More often he's already gone and then maybe gets a tiny bit more out when he comes in. So, I'll just need to get over the party in the bathroom for his benefit then.

  10. I'm with you as well. I have a 2.5 yo that just refuses to sleep. He didn't fall asleep until after 10 last night. He shares a room with his 3.5yo sister too so she's losing sleep as well. Sitting in there with him doesn't work, neither does checking in and reinforcing that it's bed time. I'm about to go buy a bottle of NyQuil.

  11. More strict routines probably close to 2 years. Babies sleep and eat whenever they need to. I'd keep track of how many naps per day and about when they are. Scheduling a baby, imo, is pointless. Toddlers really need schedule and structure, even though they don't understand what that means.

  12. I’m really like Tropical Storm from Bearded Mack for the summer…very citrusy

  13. Was going to recommend this as well. I just started using it and it's wonderful

  14. Adding length, beard oil is essential. At your length, a good boars hair brush works wonders. Any longer, you'll want to look into a wide tooth comb. I just grabbed the new Chicago #10 and I love it.

  15. Definitely recommend a good balm and oil for styling. Also check out DanC Bearded video on getting rid of beard wave. I think that would help too. Length would help a bit too, you just need to practice and be confident with it. Use scissors at first. I used free hand clippers for my most recent trim and chopped way too much off.

  16. Thanks for the comment mate, I’ll check out his YouTube! Yeah I guess I just need to go slow and use the scissors like you suggest. I saw a video of barber brushing out the beard so it was all extended and he then trimmed down a straight line to clean up the sides.

  17. So much good info there bro. Also, always trim a styled beard, never wet or any other way besides how you normally wear it

  18. Part of the reason it's thin is because you're 18. I had density in my chin and nowhere else until I was in my 20s. It takes time. Couldn't do a proper full beard until 25-26. If you want to do it, give it time, keep your face clean, and use beard oil to encourage healthy hair and healthy growth.

  19. UI infosuite 2 is the one you want, it’s not on nexus but it does work. Give me a few mins to get up and I’ll send the link

  20. I did a 'sleep for three years' thing, and only looked at recipes and stroked the cat. After being slightly amused by the sheer amount of trees it just got tedious.

  21. That's the beauty of self imposed rules I suppose. Bjs time skipper mod could've helped the sleep for 3 years attempt

  22. I think the only useful things to have happened by the end of it, the sleep bit, was that I'd seen all the recipes and the cat was my best friend.

  23. I was scared/wary about mods too. Stardew is super easy to mod though and there are plenty of good instructional videos on YouTube to do it. Really easy, and you can always do a full backup of everything if you're really worried.

  24. How do you cope with the tache over your lips? I’m 3 months in and the tache starts to irritate me. It was bearable before this but i feel like giving it a slight trim.

  25. Patience good sir. A good balm or wax would help too. I'm trying to grow out my stash too. I feel like I'm constantly moving it away from my mouth, though.

  26. I am like you. I want a bushy tache but trimming it will reduce the volume. I comb it sideways to train it to grow away from lips

  27. I'm trying really hard to avoid trimming. I always comb sideways and apply product to hold sideways too

  28. Anybody have a good aeropress iced coffee recipe? I usually do Hoffman v60 for iced, but I just ran out of filters and aeropress is the only other option

  29. I'm just getting started with the V60, mostly following James Hoffmann's advice. If I don't have a temperature controlled kettle, just a bog standard one, do you find it's worth it to boil water once for rinsing my paper and another time for brewing my coffee? Should I just boil it once and use that for both, or should I only boil it for brewing and use a hot tap for the filter? I'm using the Hario Drip Decanter (so it's glass but with a plastic insert). I'm concerned about getting my water as hot as possible for both the rinse and the brew, but I don't want to waste water or energy and I feel like I may be.

  30. Try a bunch of different options and do what tastes best. I've never rinsed my filters and still make good coffee

  31. Have you tried the honest Amish heavy duty formula? I used the regular for ages but as my beard got longer I needed more hold and the heavy duty did the trick. Not as much hold as wax, but better than the standard formula.

  32. I considered it as well, but I've had people tell me the hold is actually lighter than the original, so I'm not sure. I know that honest Amish is something I'll be able to fall back on if nothing else works. I'm trying to branch out a bit too

  33. I considered it as well, but I've had people tell me the hold is actually lighter than the original, so I'm not sure. I know that honest Amish is something I'll be able to fall back on if nothing else works. I'm trying to branch out a bit too

  34. This is fucking awesome. Thanks for including legible writing on the side so we can check out new music.

  35. Any recommendations for the brush/comb?

  36. I can only recommend what I've used. Both are on Amazon. I use a BF wood boars hair bristle brush and a cremo double sided sandalwood comb. It gives you a wide tooth and fine tooth sides. Both total is about $25

  37. Get a good beard oil and use it often. Invest in a decent boars hair brush and wood comb (brush while it's shorter, comb for longer). That's bare minimum for me.

  38. Commenting so I can come back here and see others responses. Iv been using Grave Before Shave from Amazon and I’m not sure if they’re decent products or really terrible, as I have nothing to compare them to

  39. Got some recommendations for you. 1) honest Amish beard balm. Clove scent is a little bold, but after a couple uses, you get used to it. 2) live bearded beard butter. Currently use the unscented straight up version and I love it. You can get both on Amazon for about $30 total

  40. Your beard is the size of a toddler. Congratulations

  41. Other people have addressed the luck thing, but I wanna ask, how did you make 90G at 8/9/10 pm?

  42. Probably throwing stuff away in an upgraded trash can

  43. Thumb vs no thumb will warrant totally different layouts. Especially since your pap is likely way different between the two styles. Plus, the Storm 2ls system puts the pin in really strange places, but it works.

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