1. So.... guesses to what this sub will collectively bitch about this season?

  2. It will be Storm Point for me. It's the most garbage map to enter the game. No one enjoys playing pubs on it. It's unbelievable that they didn't vault this fucking POS map for this upcoming season

  3. Pro tip: have Ash on your team and get a trident, you will have much more fun.

  4. The fact that you need an Ash on your team to find people is a problem. You should not be forced to play certain legends on a certain map just to actually play the game (meaning actually fight people instead of just looting). Storm point needs to never be a pubs map again. It should be a ranked exclusive map because it's good for ranked and absolute dogshit for pubs

  5. Gibby's way too strong in a 1v1 which is why his 1v1 potential needs to be nerfed. Anybody who can hit more than half of their shots playing with Gibby will automatically win a 1v1 because of the massive health advantage he has. Having a 1v1 become an automatic win by simply aiming down sight is the dumbest design I've ever seen in a shooting game. Every legend's abilities should take skill to use which is why I'm saying it's way too easy with Gibby to simply hold the ADS button and profit

  6. Just take the hint and stop trying to 1v1. Work with your teammates, that's what the game is designed for.

  7. Um as a solo queuer there's no such thing as working with teammates. My 2 randoms never have a fucking clue what they're doing. It's like they're playing a different game

  8. I recently threw a vert nade on an enemy on storm point

  9. Lol yeah sometimes that happens. There's a little bit of room for error though where you can still hit for about 70 damage if you don't hit for a full 100

  10. “Clutch isnt an adjective, so you cant use it like “how clutch”” -🤓

  11. I know that. Just talking how these kids talk nowadays lol

  12. I agree with the sentiment, but this specific clip was winnable by just running to zone and gatekeeping

  13. There were people in the zone doing just that with snipers. I cut the clip before you see me getting sniped at right after killing that team. In that situation it's better to get the KP earlier rather than later because you might die to the team gatekeeping. Luckily I somehow I made into the zone and survived because a 4th team started shooting them

  14. I honestly feel like taking the time to ping to calculate distance and then line up the trajectory with your left hand takes up too much time. I've gotten good at sky nades by just eyeballing it. I went into the firing range to practice. It's much quicker to just get a feel for it as it's much quicker to chuck sky nades that way rather than precisely calculating distance and lining up the trajectory with your left hand.

  15. Makes sense. When I first started practicing the air nades I never bothered with pinging and calculating distance. Doesn't matter though. Do whatever you need to to get good at it

  16. Optics are way too scarce. I played for 3 hours the other day before finding a 2x bruiser in a supply bin. Didn't find any on the floor or in any supply bin for an entire 3 hours and I was grinding ranked so there was a lot of looting going on before deciding to take a fight.

  17. Too late it’s sad cause ps5 controllers is expensive

  18. Fyi Playstation controllers have a 1 year warranty so if your controller is less than a year old and you have some form of proof of purchase then you can send your controller to Sony to get it repaired for free. You only need to pay for shipping. I got fed up of having to buy a new PS4 controller every 3 months because of stick drift then I learned about the 1 year warranty and sent my controller in to be repaired. I've been playing with the same controller every day for an entire year and it has no signs of stick drift at all

  19. I managed to queue into 3 ranked matches in a row without teammates. Surprisingly the experience was much better than playing with randoms as I was able to make points more consistently

  20. Remove the ability to queue as a Duo in ranked.

  21. You have that issue with PS players right? I can't change their volume and they're always so loud that I can't hear anything

  22. As a PS player I have the opposite issue where Xbox players are too quiet and I can always barely hear them. It's not an issue with fellow PS players which leads me to believe that cross-platform game chat is just really shit in this game

  23. the quietness of xbox players is fixed with this...its so nice now

  24. Oh really? I haven't played yet today so idk. That's good to hear

  25. Unfortunately I think the devs have already confirmed that Control will never be a permanent mode and the reason they gave was that the legends are all balanced around the BR mode so it would be difficult to make every legend viable in Control without disturbing the balance they have in the BR mode

  26. Is that really their reason for not making it permanent?? Bruh it's control half of the players play the objective and half go for kills who cares if a legend isn't viable. Most people just wanna get inand start shooting, running, and boot up another match after the first one is done

  27. I agree. Their reasoning for lots of things in this game is fucking stupid. They refuse to add solos to the game for the same reason. The solution for solos is the same as what I suggested for control. Hire a team to exclusively work on solos and create new legends exclusively for solos so that it will be a balanced mode

  28. It's absolutely pointless. Even if everyone that frequents this sub stopped playing it would literally only be an extremely small percentage of the entire playerbase. It would be probably such a small percentage that it would go unnoticed.

  29. Stop playing. Otherwise there's no consequences for them releasing broken shit. Why would they ever improve or fix things when there's no incentive to do so?

  30. Not playing won't accomplish anything. If you've played any other games owned by EA you would know they don't give a shit about the gaming experience. As long as they're making money they're happy. The only way to incentivize them to fix bugs is to stop giving them money. Unfortunately there are too many people with money to spare/too many idiots that happily give their money away for some pixels

  31. You can sense the panic as soon as the path saw that wraith slowly climb up

  32. Lmao all OP had to do was punch the wraith as she was climbing and it would've canceled her climb and made her fall

  33. Its only since it became fragment right?? It used to be dead when it was a whole city when worlds edge was original. Back then everyone landed trainyard, sorting factory, tree, i think geyser. That was when the map was at its best imo.

  34. Yeah the problem was they removed/destroyed all the other POI's that were fun to hot drop at

  35. Recently my game has been performing terribly on PS4. Usually my game runs between 45-55 fps but now it's dipping as low as 40 fps. Please fix or at least give us graphic settings like the PC version of the game so that we can downgrade the graphics and play with a constant 60 fps

  36. Lol do you actually? This shirt is so old. One of my favorites tho

  37. Lol yes. I bought that shirt years ago. I can't remember where

  38. I used to make this mistake a lot back in the day because as a Pathfinder main I would grapple straight into an enemy's face and ego challenge and win the 1v1 the majority of the time. But in those rare occasions that I'd grapple on to someone that was really good then I'd lose the 1v1 and throw the game. I've learned to be less aggressive now and only push when I have an advantage instead of taking 50/50 fights all of the time

  39. Thank God. They need to fix their shit. They cannot be having "competitive" events when there are so many faults with the game. Constantly getting no registration hits, crashes, broken hero abilities, inability to use items/skills after using crafter, etc. I hope this gives them the kick in the ass to get fixing

  40. I completely agree with you but we need to remember this isn't entirely on the devs. EA demands Respawn to focus their time and energy on maximizing profits instead of fixing bugs in the game. This is true for any game that's owned by a greedy multibillion dollar company.

  41. The devs have all the power to simply say, “No, we have serious problems with the game and they need to get fixed asap, and we need the help/funding/resources/etc to do that or this game is going to cease being a revenue stream.”

  42. Actually I don't think the devs have the power to say no. Do you have the power to say no to your boss at work? Most people don't have the power to say no to their boss because if they did say no then they would lose their job. It's the same thing with the devs. It's not like they can threaten to go on strike or anything like that because EA is a bunch of greedy cunts and they would probably just fire the entire dev team and bring in a new one as they have the money to do so

  43. Comparing a pro videogamer to an actual athlete is hilariously stupid lmao

  44. It's crazy to think that there's a pro tournament going on right now even though the game is an absolutely broken state

  45. How do you manually enter RGB numbers? All I've got is the slider and it doesn't allow you to get those values.

  46. You can enter the values on console. Just move your reticle over the box with number and click X if you're on Playstation or A if you're on Xbox

  47. Tell me how anyone other than Valk can get in through the top... I dont even think Path can grapple up there

  48. You can shoot a zipline with Path then jump off near the top and grapple into the chute

  49. His newest vid is about mantle jumping. Is that what OP is talking about?

  50. I'm new to the subreddit, but I've been trying to tell ppl this^^^ for quite some time. Most (certainly not all) movement tech from MnK can be replicated on rollers if you're using high-sens/low-respone-curve [linear] settings and a bit of practice.

  51. It's not worth using a high sens on controller though. It's better to have accurate aim. Having a high sens makes hip-firing extremely difficult which is why it's simply not worth it. A low sens will allow you to beam people very easily

  52. Lmao people don't understand it's a joke. I'm a console player and still found this funny

  53. It's not just a spectator thing like some are saying. I've noticed it happens a lot with the wingman when someone is moving across my screen and I accidentally shoot at them instead of leading my shot like you're supposed to with the wingman and the shot will still hit them even though the bullet was supposed to go behind them and not hit. I record my gameplay quite often so when I look at it back it becomes more clear to see that the hit reg in this game is straight up broken.

  54. Respawn really needs to focus on fixing issues in the game at the moment instead of just adding more and more content.

  55. I agree but it will never happen. I'm a day one player and there are bugs in this game still to this day that have been in the game since day one. I've learned to expect nothing from the devs anymore

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