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  1. Sometimes I wish it would kill more olds so wealth would be transferred downwards. We need a real economic crash.

  2. Wahhh wahhh a millennial wants a chance at affordable housing. Hilarious.

  3. Only if I can be a straight man lesbian.

  4. Women look at wealth the way men look at beauty.

  5. I feel it. My worth isn't defined by what women think.

  6. I faced abuse my entire life and everyone told me boys were tougher.

  7. Do men know how the female pill works? Lol. Shit totally messes with your hormones.

  8. I genuinely can't tell if Zach knows how birth control works and is making a joke or if he is just being a dumbass.

  9. It always blows my mind how well educated Zach is considering he makes jokes about Bigfoot standing in holes red and blue pilling people

  10. If you know how birth control for women worked you wouldn't think this was a well educated take.

  11. What? There is zero gendered language in the meme, where did you get a "she" from?

  12. It's a deranged thought I can't keep down.

  13. Only misogynistic beliefs expect “he” and “she” to act a certain way. But for a long time, stereotypical beliefs were all people were able to define gender by. To most people, they use their pronouns because they feel comfortable with them and they feel like they belong. That’s really all. Yes, it’s a social construct. But so is Time!! The universe doesn’t care about our minutes, hours, and millennia. The universe is just events happening. Some people really don’t have genders or the gender/pronouns they’re comfortable with are outside the tiny boxes of “he” and “she”, and that’s totally fine too. You see, the truth is, trying to define people solely on their bodies and parts truly denies what makes us human. It denies you of your beliefs, interests, hobbies, emotions, connections, and so much more. Ironically, I think your points are doing exactly what you’re worried about. If we just connect “he” to a body, wouldn’t we start expecting every “he” to look that way?? It’s pointless to solidly define something by a box, because there will always be outliers.

  14. Then I guess I just need to be more firm that even though I look like Joe Rogan my gender has never been male and anyone who thinks I am because I'm big hairy and muscular is just a sexist/transphobe.

  15. Women like the idea of being the breadwinner but don't actually want to date a man who makes less.

  16. If I made a statement even remotely close to that about women I'd be banned from half of Reddit.

  17. If you think that is illustrative of “women all over Reddit” and women at large - then I don’t care if you agree with me. You are wrong and you are making a highly distasteful statement.

  18. Privilege is invisible to those who have it. "Sorry, dick is free" is a pretty common thing I've been told.

  19. It's not sexism, because I was never talking about the sex. I was talking about the gender and the gender roles.

  20. As a male bodied bi girl I see her point.

  21. No, he 100% definitely is not. You can hear his voice dying at the end of more than a few songs.

  22. Because they have always tried to make things right for their people. (With some fails, but they do try)

  23. Their people being shareholders first and foremost.

  24. Looks like a solid ass investment to me.

  25. You're afraid of boomers and xers because they work harder than you can ever envision yourself working and it freaks you out because you don't want to work hard. You're lazy and you whine and complain all the time. You were raised with the notion that everyone gets a ribbon. Comes with mummy and daddy busting their asses to support you and now when you're faced with the reality of the big bad world world you can't handle it. Boomers and xers work overtime to get the job done, they don't moan and groan about having to work hard, they don't take sick days or "mental health days" every other week, they can handle criticism and they know life ain't fair. They are the get up and go generation. You're just the "it's so unfair" generation and I'm entitled to a free house generation.

  26. Look up labor statistics and come at me with numbers, like I said before, you're dumbass opinion means nothing if you can't back it up.

  27. u don’t need to come out just bc of some feminine clothes idk who’s making u think rhat

  28. The act of simply wearing them in front of people is coming out. There is no way to start wearing them without a form of coming out.

  29. This is as wholesome as a story about butt plugs and using safe words can get.

  30. Don’t say “Poe’s Law” like it makes you some sort of intellectual. It’s quoted every time someone points out the utter stupidity of the /s tag.

  31. Sounds like you get mad when people misread your sarcasm on the internet.

  32. Why does it sound like that? I think peoples are morons for using tone indicators because they are terrified of downvotes on the internet. I couldn’t give a fuck if some of those same morons are too stupid to understand if I’m making a joke

  33. Good, women need equality in the courts.

  34. And they had no team air planes, weren't paid much, didn't have an advanced team of coaching staff and medical doctors, didn't even know what sports science was, no video studies, and no legends of the game to study, they were on the forefront of the game and had to develop it themselves.

  35. Yes. I'm a guitarist and I hear the same comparisons between classic and modern guitarists.

  36. It's wild how much Steph has legitimized this franchise

  37. There were like 8 teams back then, he had like 1/4 the competition.

  38. Hmmm I don't think that's true at all. I'm wondering what's making you say that in that way though. What do you think sexism is? Give me a statement that fits what you just described.

  39. Girls are more feminine. Boys are more masculine. Girls are prettier, boys are more utilitarian. How would you describe the genders?

  40. That is just biology. Like the other commenter said, this is just usually the case because we are designed that way to some extent. But there are plenty of masculine women and feminine men, and nobody should be expected to be one way or the other

  41. So we have taken the cultural jump for "he" to mean a relationship with a social construct rather than a reference to ones body.

  42. This is shockingly the most misogynistic thing I’ve ever read on this sub.

  43. Lol. If you think pointing out beauty filters is misogynistic you might need to reconsider your privileges.

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