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  1. Sunflower seeds are especially high in vitamin E and selenium. These function as antioxidants to protect your body’s cells against free radical damage, which plays a role in several chronic diseases.

  2. I mean, but will it be enforced?

  3. Are any laws in Portland enforced besides the arts tax?

  4. Y’all know there is other ways than selling puts to play this right?

  5. This is why they should include torque specs, but honestly I wonder if a lot of these companies know how to assemble them to begin with.

  6. Yea so actually there is standard torque specs based on the size you can look up online.


  8. That they continue to do this after they helped get Trump elected is beyond laughable.

  9. It back fired in 1966 also on a governor race in California. Figured they would of realized 14 years later they screwed up.

  10. That was Reagan who they funded, right?

  11. They at least backed his primary moderate challenger

  12. Has he been checked for giardia or other parasites? That can cause GI issues

  13. I think most people who do this, buy the near the money and sell the 2x further out of money for a credit

  14. Propping nutcases in this political environment could easily backfire and make things worse. The Dem leadership is playing with fire and the worse thing is that a lot of innocent bystanders could be burnt by their stupidity

  15. It’s very dangerous. It backed fired when they got regan elected governor of California.

  16. It's honestly pretty distressing that the right is hitching their wagons to Trump and his supporters. Hopefully some of them will be arrested after the FBI exercised that search warrant earlier this week.

  17. I’m hoping the short leg absorbs a lot of the IV crush.

  18. Good to know. Tasty is my Ira and Roth so might be a bitch here

  19. No. It’s totally safe. Shoots are up 3x in 3 years but it’s all good. /s

  20. When i open a CSP I set a limit order for 50% just in case an order goes through that low I can get a fill.

  21. If you use tasty, they got predictions to 50% feature

  22. The Fed is supposed to stabilize the capitalist market economy. Capitalism has always been very unstable, with booms and busts with high unemployment. The Fed has throughout its history demonstrated a weak ability to stabilize the economy, with The Great Depression, stagflation, and The Great Recession all happening under its watch. Did Fed policy contribute to these crises, or somewhat mitigate them? Hard to say, considering how complex and opaque the economy is, but instead of trying to square this circle, instead of trying to make capitalism stable, I think it'd be wiser to build an inherently stable democratically planned socialist economy.

  23. It’s not hard to say, years of artificially low interest has built up to this inflation.

  24. Sorry to say but it's American hypocrisy at its finest when the USG tells a small nation like Ukraine to go up against Russia in order to help with NATO territorial expansion and then backs out at the last second. They should be sending troops. Or they should be at the negotiating table with Russia. What America is doing in the Ukraine situation is not enough right now.

  25. I have them with fidelity and TOS but not tasty

  26. Wasn't Canada pretty good (relative to the rest of the world) with guns just a few years ago? Suddenly seems like they've gotten way more restrictive.

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