1. Maybe it's a different universe.the reaper not all of them didn't die and we must fight them again and shepherd come back because he never die

  2. I think you need more power to the power supply like a 650 power supply should be better but 500 is to low for the 3060 and the CPU you have


  4. For me was a argument with my ex she got sick i told her to take over to get home.she dump me because she has a issue with germs and Uber are dirty she said so i should have know better.

  5. I am alone because I can't find a connection with someone but I love my freedom and Independence

  6. Why not buy the same pay the system came with it should be cheap on ebay

  7. Tell her how you feel.tell her it bother you.she is your friend she will understands

  8. Ssd is what you need and ram upgrade how much is your budget

  9. Yes it is worth i been with my ex it's complicated but been together 4 years.i feel i can't live without yes it it's worth it you get to know a person better than dating person because people act differently in your more relax chatting more online.hopefully it work out for you.what dating site you two meet

  10. since it already died, why not try put it in microwave. some guys have tried it and the gpu comeback alive.

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