Whats the worst part of ejaculating?

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  1. In my experience my best bead of the day is always the one no one will ever see.

  2. Start by tightening the t-handle. If it is backed out all the way it releases the pressure allowing it to bleed off. Tighten it until you have a reading on the left gauge. If that doesn’t fix the problem then there is an issue with the diaphragm.

  3. Regaining mental clarity, wondering why you are naked, sweaty and how you got to where you are.

  4. A rotten ham that was purchased for thanksgiving dinner. But got misplaced with the Christmas presents and hidden in the back of the closet. I found it a week before Christmas while trying to find the smell.

  5. There are something’s to consider here. First what thickness material will you be welding? If you are going to use this for say automotive sheet metal you might be able to get away with it. If you will be using it to weld near it capacity you will need a 20 amp breaker to avoid constantly popping it. However if you are going to have this plugged into an extension cord you may need a 30 amp. If you look through the owners manual you should find similar information.

  6. Thanks for that. I’d prob want to be able to weld to the capacity of the welder so maybe 1/4”. Is it as simple as just swapping a breaker in the panel box? I’d obviously have an electrician do it for me. Do I need anything else?

  7. It’s possible you could get away with changing the breaker but you would need to verify the gauge of the wire. There are some good resources online basically it comes down to how many amps will you be pulling and what the distance is from the panel that will tell you what the wire gauge needs to be. If you are new to this I would either hire an electrician or find someone who has some knowledge to make sure it is done properly. A) to keep you from getting electrocuted. B) to make sure you don’t have a fire. Heat is what trips a breaker so if the wire size is to small to carry the load it will heat up and trip the breaker. If you just install a larger breaker it is designed to withstand more heat input so the wire could heat up and catch fire before the breaker trips.

  8. Does this math mean there are 3.8 ladies also left unsatisfied every second also?

  9. If he has never been seen because he is invisible. How do you know first that he exists, and second that he isn’t already dead?

  10. Come and Pepsi. I have hated the taste as long as I can remember.

  11. Cinnamon. So you can kiss a little longer😉

  12. I love that the seminary building I went to is a tire shop now!

  13. I was also taught this in school and we all do it at work and I do it with my personal bottles especially since they don’t get used with a high frequency.

  14. Since I saw below. I’ve been welding 20 years. I took classes in high school. Went back to school and got my degree in welding graduating 5 years ago. Became a CWI while I was in college. Concurrently I did OSHA 10, then osha 30. If it makes you feel any better OSHA doesn’t require or specifically recommend it. It is only recommended by the regulator manufacturer. How ever the do say if you are not going to use your oxy/fuel in the next 24 hours you are to disconnect the regulators and hoses and put the bottles back into storage. Finally because I am now concerned about bad habits and everyone’s safety osha says you should only open your acetylene 1/4-1/2 a turn. Oxygen and inert should be opened all the way to ensure the valve has seated and sealed.

  15. Not only do you spend the time purging, but you wait several minutes and check on it again? Do you set your parking brake in your garage when the vehicle is in park?

  16. If I do isn’t it my prerogative. If it helps I also put blocks on the wheels of my trailer. I rotate my tires every 3000 miles. I clean my gun after every trip to the range. Oh and I brush my teeth twice a day.

  17. If you ever watched That 70’s Show, Kelso once said something like “ you can’t sleep next to someone and not do it. I’ve fallen asleep not doin it and woken up doin it.” It’s common enough they made a joke about it on that show.

  18. I am convinced there are three types of relationships. The kind you rarely see or hear about with two high libido people. The problem with these couples is the meet then disappear because they are so busy getting busy they lose contact with the outside world. I then fear they die young due to dehydration. (Be careful folks). Then You have mismatched which most fall into. Which is why Reddit exist in the first place. Reddit is actually a support group fro people who have free time because we aren’t otherwise occupied.😉 Finally the third group low and low. This group is actually probably the happiest. First they have one less thing to worry about. This group likely has more shared interests and probably also has more money since they are not spending it to get some or on implements of personal enjoyment. So, I wish you luck finding your future partner to become a raisin with.

  19. Tricks on you this is forced perspective and that tree is a two inch saplings with a couple action figures near it. 😂

  20. I work with a right handed guy who uses his mouse left handed and I cannot figure it out. Btw I am a leftie and use my mouse right handed.

  21. “Surtur son of a bitch you’re still alive.” J/k

  22. In addition to those, crap and shoot. Sunday meant no friends and no TV. Unless it was one of those BOM stories vhs. So at least I got to watch some guy cutting arms off on Sundays

  23. We were not allowed to watch them until after church. So we would be to distracted beforehand.

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