1. I love Mark Sanchez' commentary "Look for Andy Dalton to get this back into field goal range." Andy proceeds to throw a deep ball

  2. If I recall correctly, they would make the sacrifices down at the cenotes, not at this temple. And that was mostly the Toltecs, and to a smaller degree, the Mayans (largely when the Toltecs integrated with them). The Mayans threw a lot of personal goods into the cenotes though.

  3. If this is Chichen-Itza, then yes! I was there last week. It’s a 10 minute walk to the Well of Sacrifice

  4. Isn’t that a separate portion of Chichen Itza, not the actual pyramid?

  5. Right, i’m agreeing with you. It’s part of the same complex but not the actual pyramid.

  6. It always makes me happy to hear when Kendall Hinton is doing well. So much respect for that dude

  7. Neutral fans: “If the Seahawks can get a stop here, this could get interesting.”

  8. Did they kick him out? Or they said if he gets another penalty they’ll kick him out?

  9. Weird song for a Walmart commercial

  10. I don’t even care if you catch THAT PASS you should absolutely be allowed to take off your fucking helmet and celebrate

  11. “You are going back to a very different beach. The resort changed its name and everything.”

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