1. Aint fate hard to get into dont you need to read the light novels or can you just watch it

  2. I have 141 entries on anilist, in total I’ve completed about 70 series.

  3. lol how, he barely even shows up and in future arcs he fails to do a lot of things.

  4. I’d rather have amazing quality tbh, going from TV to laptop isn’t that bad to me.

  5. Yeah he does, and after reading the IF stories and the web novel he became my favorite protagonist.

  6. During the course of Re:ZERO, Subaru and others are forced to make certain decisions. The author decided to make the IF stories, which are basically: “What if Subaru made a different choice at this point in time?”

  7. try grand blue dreaming. slight romance, immense amounts of comedy. laughed out loud every ep

  8. I watched Naruto when I was 13 or something

  9. Vivy, Madoka Magica, Violet Evergarden and FLCL

  10. No, it will start airing in October, but it is incredibly hyped up. Many people are expecting great things. New trailer dropped yesterday which is why people are talking about to a lot again.

  11. It might just be trailer magic but it's looking like MAPPA is throwing the whole studio's budget at it.

  12. Considering it’s MAPPA, I won’t be surprised if the whole anime looks just like the trailer. Also, the amount of staff they have and the talent included in their staff is crazy.

  13. I tear up at basically any semi-sad moment in anime or tv shows, i’m just hella emotional.

  14. The manga is much better than the anime. It really makes Kaneki into a great character, but the anime cut so much out. Although season 1 of the anime was pretty decent, the others were a train wreck.

  15. no fucking way I was just talking about this the other day

  16. really? for some reason i’ve continuously put it off for the past couple of years

  17. Nah that’s satire, he’s my favorite protagonist by a mile though.

  18. All of the characters from A Silent Voice

  19. Pandora Hearts is the closest I can think of

  20. it´s a terrible idea to switch between Light novel and WN in the same arc, way too many changes for it to not be a confusing switch.

  21. oh yeah i guess arc 5 ends at volume 20 nvm

  22. It’s my favorite romance, but everyone’s taste is different. Fruits Basket is a slow-burner that’s very character driven.

  23. If you’re fine with manhwa, I highly recommend The Beginning After the End.

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