Elon Musk pledges to ' authenticate all humans ' as he buys twitter for $ 44 billion .

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  1. Is it worth playing yet? Bought it on sale while drunk a while back and it was just a slog.

  2. I'm about 20 hours in and slog doesn't begin to describe the monotony. Yesterday I turned to my wife, who I play the game with, and we both said "Does it ever end?"

  3. I have the 9° and it is amazing. So much better than my box set driver I had!

  4. I got the 9° too and love it. I get some remarks about the sound off the face, but I don't care.

  5. 1 game. The previous 3 in Carolina are irrelevant. If we can win this game and overcome the adversity we have dealt with this series, it could give us an emotional charge going forward. Find a way today boys. No passengers.

  6. Exactly. Winning this series would be a huge confidence boost for the whole squad.

  7. "My head! If I don't hold on to my head it will fall off! Wait, no arms up? Guess I'll keep playing."

  8. I got downvoted in /hockey for suggesting such a thing. Some fans are just bad at watching hockey. 🤷

  9. Aho holding his head, looking for a call. Realizes it isn't happening and gets up to continue playing. Soft.

  10. mf you are holding your head after hard poop, let the man hold his head after he got run over by force of 1000pounds.

  11. After game 1, I said the Bruins were out-classed and were going to need a miracle.

  12. Bruins look straight up out-classed. Lindholm is likely out the rest of the game, if not the series. Bergy looked like he pulled something celebrating. Our pets heads are falling off!

  13. I love listening to the Trigun OSTalmost as much as the Cowboy Bebop OST 😜

  14. That Musk believes Twitter can be humanity's "town square" is both laughable and frightening.

  15. Laviolette should get fined for his suit and tie combo. Looks like his blind wife chose it for him.

  16. You already got your answer, but I just wanted to recommend the USGA Rules app for situations like this.

  17. Tiger actually testified in the Casey Martin case against the usage of golf carts.

  18. How did these guys become the big hockey podcast? Neither of them had notable careers and they both just seem like massive douchebags.

  19. Along with all the points other have made, they are also, ultimately, owned by The Chernin Group:

  20. I cut it short. Was going to go on a real rant about this circus, but I figured I'll save my breath for the next embarrassment.

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