Killers of Ahmaud Arbery Found Guilty Of Murder

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  1. Sign up for a drug treatment class now and get the ball rolling. It's dumb, but judges like that. It saved me some pain. Also get a lawyer, first offense you might be able to get a differed imposition of sentence or what might be similar in Texas. I heard drug court and probation is tough there, so do keep you head to you.

  2. Every day. I think it's less important with a rig than something I'd use flower with, but it is needed.

  3. The best comic book adaptations come from animation instead of live action.

  4. So I just found out it went through, I'm free at 12:01!

  5. Personally I’d just charge him for meat. Having a good Mechanic is invaluable and the $100 less now will probably save you in the long run

  6. I'm going this route, thanks dude! Although I may request a 6 pack of a fancy beer like Natty Light too

  7. Yeah, I'll be slicing the brisket and pulling the butt too.

  8. I live and work very close to here, I don't recognize the person but my coworkers and I are keeping an eye open!

  9. LFG! Any celebratory concerts you're thinking of attending?

  10. Both have their value, but personally more small town/country.

  11. I pulled this one on a couple of lefty friends of mine:

  12. Jeff Bridges will always be The Dude to me.

  13. Watched the first Ironman with my dad who saw Big Lebowski in theaters years ago. He kept asking why The Dude was wearing a suit

  14. I travel from Maryland to DC on the regular by train for work and sometimesI go to Virginiaas well. I go to Pennsylvania to buy fireworks, although they aren't as good as they used to be. I grew up close to the Maryland-Delaware line so growing up big purchases and alcohol were bought there. Good moonshine is often found in West Virginia, so that would be a good adventure in my youth but not often anymore.

  15. The Capitol Building. Even though I've seen it hundreds of times, coming out of the Smithsonian Metro station onto the Mall never fails to thrill me.

  16. This, growing up in MD it is something so easily accessible you don't think about it as much

  17. So not Thanksgiving itself, but my family would also go to an all you can eat Chinese food restaurant with another family or two right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was like Friendsgiving before it was a thing.

  18. Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding are big in my family. We have a pudding recipe going back a couple generations

  19. If you three combined forces you could open a BBQ joint called Three Guys

  20. It would instantly be a better bang for your buck than Five Guys

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