1. Highly dependent on your personal tastes, but for what it's worth my own favourite Indies are Crosscode, Monster Sanctuary, Hollow Knight, and Into the Breach. Hades deserves a mention for it's sheer popularity even though I wouldn't rate it as a personal favoute, though I did enjoy it and get why it's so highly regarded

  2. The fact you guys are still supporting the game this long after launch is just awesome, it's become one of my all time favourites so I'll always take more Monster Sanctuary no matter how big or small the update!

  3. I've never been a fan of mixed builds, as it's simply lost potential on a character. You're essentially using INT based skills several levels down, and as a Warfare Necro Inquisitor you're primarily gonna want strength.

  4. Yeah I ended up changing my skills about a bit to focus on the more utility based necro skills (currently have raining blood, blood sucker and shackles of pain) and forget doing damage with them so I can spec into Str and Warfare for my damage. I've still got mosquito swarm on my hotbar just because I have the space and currently it still deals a smidge more damage than a basic attack, so it'll still have its uses for now

  5. Your necro skills, provided you have a nice Warfare stat, scale decently with level anyways. So there is absolutely no need to worry about their utility down the line. The only scenario I can think of where skills fall off really hard is with uninvested stats and close to no points in the respective mastery. Again, I can assure you that most things just work out nicely and if they don't, you can always respec

  6. Yeah the free respec has been an absolute godsend, I've already respecced several times, the only rough part is rustling up enough money to buy skill books when I change my mind lol

  7. Some people dislike the fact that Capcom are offering paid DLC because they think all cosmetics should be free content and/or think it will lead to gameplay affecting microtransactions in the future, and a small subset of those people are incapable of expressing their opinion calmly and think they're justified in insulting people for 'supporting' the practice

  8. A strength polymorph warrior is actually a really strong build.

  9. Thanks for the info, it's good to know that you don't need to min-max to beat the game, there are a ton of interesting abilities dotted between all the skill trees, I'm currently thinking about poly 3 for the fun sounding combat skills, and geo/pyro 2 for some added utility and variety (I really like the sound of the flaming skin/poison skin abilities) and then dumping a lot into warfare for the damage scaling. I'm actually planning on starting with a friend so we'll have to do some coordinating as to who's planning what build so we don't end up with too much overlap

  10. No, that would be pretty solid, even with room for other stuff late in the game. Polymorph doesn't boost damage directly, but with the extra attribute points you can stuff into your primary damage attribute (probably strength), it'll make up for it a bit until you start getting warfare up. Genuinely, this is a pretty fun and straightforward powerful build.

  11. Cool sounds like I have my build lined up, thanks for your input :-)

  12. I like Terradrile but struggled to find a good team for it. Had some success with L Terradrile, L Krakaturtle, R Megarock, it doesn't get good scores because it's basically a stall team to let Megarock build up age stacks and start wrecking

  13. Hmm, how about a shock charge team with crackle Knight and Qilin?

  14. Yeah shock/charge would probably be a good fit, I just don't really like shock based teams because they just feel so inferior to other debuffs lol. I normally avoid duplicate monster teams as I just like variety, but a triple Terradrile team could be vicious

  15. The location of the hacking device isn't automatically marked on the world map, you need to explore south/south-east of the tower to find a new location

  16. Thanks! You mean from the world map or "inside" the tower "location"? I though I had explored to whole available map when I found I could select empty spaces.

  17. Yeah the world map, it's called industrial zone if memory serves

  18. I've always heard good things about this game, but I simply can't play it because motion blur effects make me nauseus and this one uses a pretty heavy one as an integrated part of its graphics style

  19. That’s bummer dude. I guess no Spider-Man either? Lol that’s would be the worst

  20. Fortunately most games these days either don't use heavy motion blur or they allow you to turn it off so Okami is one of the few examples of something I can't get past

  21. It's up there with me along with the 3DS DQ Monsters games as -the- best monster catching titles of all time.

  22. I'm not even into monster catching games normally but MS became one of my all time favourite games

  23. Fantastic suggestion as I love that game. Probably coulda mentioned that. Got approx 100 hours from it alrdy. If you got any others hit me with it.

  24. Hah drat, thought I was onto something there, I've got something like 175 hours in monster sanctuary myself and that's only 1 original and 1 NG+ run, I've not even touched the new ra domoser modes yet

  25. Maybe more of a hybrid would suit you, something like Battle Chasers Nightwar, the battle system is very JRPG like, but the aesthetic and dungeon design is more western fantasy, and the story is pretty straightforward and to the point

  26. Easily FFVII (original, not remake), it was my first ever JRPG back when I was in my early teens and it was easily one of my favourite games on the PS1. Like many youngsters, back then I didn't exactly have a ton of disposable income, so my game collection was limited and led to me replaying games a lot more than I do nowadays. I must have played through FFVII at least 4 times to varying levels of completion back on the PS1 (one time I even went as far as levelling every character up to 99, took a good few weeks plugging away at it after school every day!), and I've played it again at least 2 or 3 times in the years since for nostalgia sake. It's definitely lost a lot of its luster as nostalgia has waned and familiarity has set in over time, I much appreciated the in built cheats of the most recent re-release that made it quicker and easier to blast through

  27. OP says they want something different to OoT, Twilight Princess is about the most similar game in the series to OoT

  28. I'm largely burned out on open world games for much the same reasons you mentioned, I hate the Ubisoft style map icon vomit that ends up with a world supposedly full of things to do that is mostly copy/paste boredom. BotW is one of the few open world games that holds my interest because it feels like a world designed around its gameplay possibilities, rather than just a blank canvas with generic stuff thrown everywhere to fill the space

  29. A few factors, it's not just about age, it's about when the games came out. Back when I was a kid, I didn't have access to the Internet in the palm of my hand, so there were no guides, at best I could ask a friend who had the same game if they knew how to beat wherever I was stuck, so the options were either keep trying until you figure it out, hope for some tips in next month's gaming magazine, or give up

  30. In terms of combat, default difficulty is pretty balanced IMO, you can't just button mash your way to victory, each enemy type needs a particular approach to beat them effectively, but it's nowhere near dark souls levels of difficulty. Also, the game has several difficulty sliders so if you're struggling you can dial things right down to the point where you'll feel practically incincible

  31. When first played through it there were a couple of areas with a lot of weather effects going on where it struggled a little unless you disabled those effects in the menu, but I believe that's been improved in patches as I don't remember having the same issues on a subsequent NG+ run. I do recall a couple of late game boss battles struggling a bit too, but it was more like they were running in slow motion than stuttering so it was totally playable. On the whole performance was pretty good and did nothing to detract from it becoming one of my all time favourite games

  32. If memory serves there are a few quests which have some minor story attached to them, but apart from rebuilding colony 9 very few are relevant to any main characters. The vast majority are just simple fetch quests, the main reason to do them is for the XP and items. I did just about every quest I came across and never needed to level grind manually as a result, so while you can get by without doing many, you'll probably have to do some manual grinding to keep up with the story level instead. The one saving grace with Definitive Edition is that it helpfully marks items to collect/enemies to kill relevant to any side quests you have in your journal, so I would always pick up every side quest being offered any time I visited a town, then just knock them out as I was exploring the field areas. Since most of them auto complete without having to return to the quest giver, it made it relatively easy to mark off most quests and reap the rewards without much backtracking

  33. Have you tried any of the Shin Megami Tensei mainline games? SMT: Nocturne and SMT IV are great monster catcher games that are challenging and have a combat system that's all about extending how many turns you have in a round by exploiting enemies' weaknesses, but they can also do the same to you, so fights can be very tough.

  34. I'm not really big on the whole anime demon theme of SMT, no particular reason why, the creature designs just don't appeal to me like more traditional fantasy or sci-fi themed designs. The older games in that series also didn't appeal because and I find first person battling where I can't see my team takes me out of the experience a bit, again can't really put my finger on exactly why, just a me thing. Maybe I should put my aesthetic preferences aside and give SMT a chance one of these days. Would SMT5 not be a better jumping in point than 3 or 4 for a newbie?

  35. Oh, that's fair! SMT V and arguably IV go full on the anime demon theme, but Nocturne has a more minimalistic and cult atmosphere.

  36. Yeah I get the impression that Nocturne is well loved for good reason but shows its age, whereas 5 benefits from some more modern bits of game design. I'll bear them in mind when I catch up with the ever present backlog, I'm sure I could get over my disinterest in the aesthetic/theme if the gameplay is good enough, the full retail buy in makes it a bit of a tougher sell though

  37. I really want to be able to say Souldiers because it's a fantastic game...when it works, but it's still got way too many technical issues on consoles to be a contender. If it wasn't for the issues and the lack of communication from the devs it could be a real gem, but as it stands it just can't be, and that's a real shame

  38. See I didn't run into any technical issues with Souldiers, but I did give up about 10 hours in because the difficulty was wearing me down lol. I loved the combat of Souldiers, but it was a tough one.

  39. By all accounts the PC version is in a stable state now, it's the console versions that are still problematic. The difficulty was also toned down quite a bit in the first major patch due to community feedback that it was too hard, I'm not big on super hard games myself but the toned down difficulty feels pretty good to me

  40. I'm sure people will tell you it's worth playing for the story, but IMO even top tier MH story is still pretty average story in the grand scheme of things. I played about 25 hours of 4U before picking up GU and I've had no desire to go back to 4U since. Granted I'm probably in a minority with this opinion

  41. But you would be killing realistic looking animals so you wouldn't like it. Especially if you find MH having realistic animals.

  42. Oh I missed that in OP's post. I mean each to their own but to me it's just a bit odd to feel bad killing animals/monsters in a video game just because they look realistic, they're all just polygons and lines of code whether they're realistic or cartoony

  43. Ark is a good suggestion though. Crazy to think anyone would actually say that. They did a great job updating it.

  44. Hah yeah, a few months ago if someone had recommended ARK you'd have thought they'd lost their mind lol

  45. So you ask a question about Mario characters and then relate a story about some douche bag smashing your stuff, the 2 things are barely related

  46. Tbh there's really nothing else quite like BotW, it's one of the only open world games that can still hold my interest. Immortals Fenyx Rising might work for you as it borrows liberally from BotW's formula, I didn't care for its combat system myself but a lot of people really enjoyed it

  47. Kinda depends on where you are in the game, up to MR if you're reasonably proficient and have a decent armor set spiribird collecting is not all that necessary, I never went out of my way to collect them in base Rise and I rarely carted. Sunbreak is another matter, towards the end of the main missions and into endgame, spiribirds become more necessary to avoid getting one or two shot. Of course there will still be speed runners and generally highly skilled players who just never get hit so don't really need them, but I think in end game more often its people who haven't needed them up to that point and haven't adjusted their mindset yet

  48. Octopath Traveler seems the most obvious suggestion if you enjoyed Bravely Default

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