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  1. I work in healthcare IT never even heard of Google meets

  2. You idiot, all you had to do was buy some retarded ass dividend ETF in a Roth IRA and just contribute annually for the next 20 years

  3. They have cars and you don't think about the wear and tear they get from driving your behind around 8 times a week?

  4. Look, it’s certainly possible that you’re being discriminated against, but then again you’re saying you don’t have any experience, so I’d be inclined to say it may be something deeper. Bartending is basically commodified socializing, so successful and experienced bartenders and bar managers are generally pretty great at reading people very quickly because the job requires it (think about identifying if someone is drunk when you’ve never met them, or worse mentally unstable in a way that would make them a danger to be there in the first place).

  5. If you're a dude and you want to bartend with no experience, literally no one will hire you to bartend. You could look for bar back gigs and try to work your way up.

  6. Dude, you nailed it. Sometimes managers are just bartenders or random people that got a title and have no qualifications

  7. And how the heck do you get rid of this and I have a dog that uses the area?

  8. Cut her hours or pull her off the line and put her on Expo.

  9. Thanks for your comment. Funny enough she reached out to me a week or two ago asking about me matching with a friend of hers on tinder when I’m not even on tinder. Can’t figure out what her deal is

  10. Move on. Just be glad your not married it would be like waking up to a nightmare.

  11. You can always tell whether or not its safe by remembering this helpful rhyme:

  12. It’s interchangeable nobody that matters gives two fucks

  13. Assumption is the mother of all fuck up's.

  14. They were working on their relationship for years she has stated this already.

  15. He is entitled to 50% off everything as she is entitled to 50% even if she hasn’t worked A day in her life. Stop being sexist. Just stop.

  16. Yeah I was going to say this is exactly this right there is what’s wrong with the court system. Somehow there is this tragic assumption that women are all phenomenal nurturing people and fathers don’t give an ounce of effort to take care of the kids or the home.

  17. I'm having the same issue, but apparently only with Prime Video (Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube all work fine).

  18. I never query the production database. I query a secondary database that is populated nightly from the production database. So, all of the reports I generate are technically 24 hours behind (which isn't a big deal in the scheme of things).

  19. I query the production database exclusively it’s a day behind our production system

  20. In IL there are judges that will refuse this arrangement if it’s inequitable

  21. You won’t listen but it’s not the first time she’s cheated on you, it’s just the first time she’s been caught.

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