2. the album cover is a painting called the apotheosis of war and it’s by a russian artist.

  3. Ehh, I’ve used both and I think the NARS is one of the items on the list that’s worth the price.

  4. oh really? i have no experience with either concealers haha

  5. They already did a collab w/ Hipdot

  6. i thought those lip glosses were wall plug-ins😭😭

  7. is there a specific product to help with the coiling? or a specific brush?

  8. i use a denman brush but i believe there are other alternatives out there. i would just try with your usual product. my front (money) pieces especially would not curl right from bleaching them and this has helped SO much

  9. maybe try styling products with more hold and try googling “brush coiling.” i’m not 100% sure how your hair would react to brush coiling but it’s worth a try

  10. tubing mascara if you don’t mind it. i personally never liked how it went on/looked and i tried l’oréal double extend and the thrive liquid lash extensions one. i just bake w setting powder under my eyes now and it lasts all day

  11. i agree w the others ab the essence lash princess false lash effect but cannot vouch for the waterproof version. lately i’ve been using the milani anti-gravity mascara and it’s also good but not waterproof

  12. Have you tried Essence lash princess green? It's not waterproof though. The blue one is but not the same effect. But since it's very cheap, maybe try it. It has great reviews and costs almost nothing. I use it and it's intense. I can't do two coats.

  13. i think both the blue and the green are the false lash effect. do you just mean the waterproof one goes on/looks different?

  14. it’s an amazing album. 1000 blunts stood out to me immediately

  15. lullaby even tho gray/grey has prettyleaf which is one of my favorite songs

  16. There are no appreciable "health benefits" to be obtained from nail polish. SH Good Kind Pure simply advertises itself as plant based and vegan...putting a base coat under it doesn't change that, and neither of those qualities are inherently "healthy" for your nails (nor are they "unhealthy", they simply relate to someone's preference not to use animal products).

  17. i’m more so referring to the fact that they use bamboo and marine algae in the formula. they do advertise that those two are beneficial. thank you for your take on this topic and your advice. p.s. i agree that plant-based/vegan doesn’t necessarily equal “healthy”

  18. Eh, there isn't going to be enough of any additives like bamboo or algae to provide any sort of real benefit to your nails, or else adhesion would likely be an issue. Jojoba oil is the best thing you can do for your nails regardless of what else you put on them, and it's cheap and easy to use, so looking for additives aimed at improving your nail health in a polish isn't really necessary, nor will they even do much, if any, good in the first place.

  19. that’s true, you have some good points. i also realized that those ingredients seem to be only in the newer collections and i think most of the ones i received don’t even contain them. bummer, but you learn something new everyday and i’ll still use them. the concept of the polish is still appealing to me even though it wasn’t exactly what i thought. love jojoba oil btw. thanks!

  20. idk but does anyone else hear offset saying woo in the background or is it just me😭

  21. Don’t start with the dye! I made that mistake at 23. Just get highlights to blend the strands in if you don’t like it. Dyeing is a hair process that is almost impossible to stop once you start.

  22. yesss i know a lady who blends her natural silver with blonde highlights and it looks absolutely gorgeous

  23. This is absolutely ridiculous that some of you still haven’t received it. I didn’t get mine until December and yes I raised a stink about it. It’s unacceptable. Then when it arrived it was missing its most expensive product and my add ons. I am so sorry to you ladies still waiting and hope your bags arrive with everything intact.

  24. thank you for that! i’m sorry about your bag. mine finally came today and it’s missing one of my add ons, and my other add on looks tampered with, unfortunately

  25. I’m so sorry. They say that the reason it comes late is because of the add ons but it makes no sense because we don’t get the add ons. It’s like the never-ending rubix.

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