What old game should be remade with 2021 graphics?

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  1. Printyourmonsters did two sets of rocks and plants that might have something similar that you could scale down and print

  2. The resin they use is closer to $80 a bottle. And the also have to pay the designer to licence their designs, time to print, printer maintainance, etc

  3. Exactly this. The stuff I use is about $90 a bottle, there's like $200 a month on license fees, then electricity, wear and tear, consumables, cleaning materials, packaging materials, Etsy takes about 25% in fees etc. Far more than just a few pence of resin to account for!

  4. I've used jesmonite in a few projects before and it's definitely considered more eco friendly than using resins.

  5. It's a tough place to make any real money as there's that many people doing it. A lot of people massively undercharge for models too. If you're selling cheap you need to be printing in massive volumes to make any real profit once you factor in material costs, print time, wear and tear etc.

  6. At least they're something I'd actually be able to paint well!

  7. I know your comment is pretty old, but if youre still printing, do you still use the same method for cleaning? Do you use the heat function with your IPA jar or no heat? Im considering getting an ultrasonic cleaner so just wondering if its been working for you.

  8. I stopped printing larger items so got one of the bigger wash and cure units that I use with acetone now. It seems to clean far more effectively and doesn't take as long in the bath. Plus it evaporates quicker. Stinks like hell and is a greater fire risk than IPA though!

  9. Are you wanting to order acetate to print yourself or just order prints?

  10. Acetate but i can only find full rolls of digital transfer film that are hitting 200€ which i just wont be spending that much. Thought you just gave me the idea of getting acetate sheets though not sure the printers we have would work? Would i have to coat them to use of Epson Inkjet printers?

  11. I always forget to look for screen printing stuff despite it being pretty much the same process! Fingers crossed it works for you!

  12. I love the "you're charging too much for postage" when I charge the same as what I pay at the post office, so because of Etsy fees, I'm actually undercharging for postage.

  13. May I know what’s the name of this video/film? I’m very intrigued

  14. You can register the trademark, however, they still may have protection for their mark under "passing off" if their mark still has a reputation amongst consumers. When did they stop using the mark to sell their products? Would consumers still associate the mark with that company?

  15. Thank you. That's kind of what I suspected. They stopped producing their products in 2013, the trademark expired in 2020.

  16. When I was at uni I rented a tanning bed for large scale prints. I then bought a facial tanner for small scale stuff. You can usually pick them up on eBay.

  17. I worked in a call center that handled car insurance claims for BGL, we were given a load of the meerkat toys before they went out to the public. Was always good seeing the listings on eBay the day after. Used to make £25-40 a pop selling them

  18. It's usually more in the form of only ever talking about large ones and how much they like them than directly shaming small ones. I've never heard a man say he hates small titties but I've definitely never heard a man say he loves them

  19. The tinytits sub has over 700k members that would probably say they loved them.

  20. Should be able to see it near the bottom of your confirmation email

  21. Metal Fatigue. Awesome RTS game that I wasted too many hours on!

  22. Loads of people in a Facebook group I'm in use the IKEA kids kitchen and convert it for their vans so it's definitely worth looking at!

  23. This whole scheme just reeks of them forcing people to buy shipping through Etsy so they can make even more money from sellers

  24. I wonder how much of a cut Etsy gets from their shipping labels because they're really pushing hard to get people to use them.

  25. Eden lake scared the hell out of me. It was very real and touching.

  26. The ending is one that's stuck with me longer than most other movies. Thoroughly unsettling film, especially given some of the kids/families that I used to live near!

  27. Check out community furniture store. They're running a refurb scheme at the moment and might be able to help

  28. Always been happy with Yorkshire Life Financial Services. Guy is called Ian Dawson, super helpful.

  29. Aristocats in Escrick if they have space. They're lovely people and do a great job!

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