1. What’s your take on the mid journey AI?

  2. You can check it out for free on discord and play around with it, it’s fascinating.

  3. Yea I dunno about that. I didn't really make any real progress until I actually thought about how I should actually be training to progress

  4. Close to 8 years now with some on and off breaks, ikkyu for a year now. Yea just showing up obviously helps, but looking back, if I had a focusses game plan I could have improved much faster.. Telling ppl to show up and they will get better is true, but imo it's over simplyfing when a newbie hears this. If you want to get good in an efficient manner, you have to do more than just show up

  5. That’s a fair point. I’ve been training just under 7 years in Judo and BJJ. I’d hope that if you have a good catch/sensei they’ll be able to do that stuff for you though and make sure you’re learning and training correctly. At that point keep “showing up” and you’ll go down the correct route.

  6. harley knocked out sam day 3 we overestimated him

  7. I started judo in october. My question would be, "if you could go back to being a white belt what advice would you give yourself?" Very broad, yes, but ive been racking my brain for like half an hour trying to come up with something interesting or personal to my situation at the moment and i just gave up. 🤓 Thank you for any replies.

  8. Don’t have high expectations of where you want to be and don’t chase belts. Just keep turning up consistently and everything else comes with time

  9. that whole idea just reminds me of sweet home

  10. So long as you have a license you can train as much as you like.

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