1. as a greek i can confirm. i gave my keys to a sunburnt swedish tourist (as i always do to strangers) and he had passionate gay sex with my husband :( watch out fellow southern europeans 🚫🚫🇸🇪

  2. i'm a lesbian but bojan can GET IT. also la zarra <3

  3. almost as disgusting as that one time an albanian guy sent me nudes

  4. Since you want to be animal, you will be hunted like animal(paid for by the entire U.S.A)

  5. i would rather be a furry than 🤢🤢🤮 am*rican 🤮🤮🤮

  6. i love latvia and romania!! i think they're very fun songs.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, but is everyone really going to sympathy vote for Ukraine again?

  8. in my opinion last year wasn't just a sympathy vote. the song suited eurovision. it was cultural, in a native language, all that nice stuff that both juries and esc fans like. the problem with this year is that it's the most generic song in the contest. will they get some pity votes? maybe, but i think to say it will be in the top 3 is the odds being meaningless and not really predicting anything correctly as per usual

  9. Shum deserved to win, Stefania didn't. That Rap part was horrendous and destroyed to rest of the song.

  10. i think maybe it's a cultural thing. i have a lot of slav friends who looove this kind of rap, it's a very popular genre. i didn't like it at first but i've warmed up to it and i definitely wouldn't call it horrendous

  11. so like where's the rest? 😳😳😳 asking for a swedish friend

  12. i can't help sadly, but would you mind letting me know how you did the custom pin thing? :0

  13. If it is truth damn gg dude,but fr you confused me i thought maybe you were my friend from school you made me so confused gg on your part google doesnt lie i quess

  14. /unbalkan oh haha no sorry i didnt mean to scare you, thats a crazy coincidence lmao! it's a nice name thats why i chose it from the list of popular montenegro names

  15. I have 3-4 friend from school here and for half hour i was thinking here witch one was ut so u could troll him.

  16. damn im sorry to ruin the trolling lmao 💀 but youre based for having balkans_irl friends

  17. I love playing Greece. First advice I usually give is to learn reading Greek, but you're Greek so you surely know how to do that! lol

  18. thanks a lot for the tips with the trees and architecture, i'll test that out and keep it in mind!!

  19. I just gave it a try no-moving and definitely it is hard! Not much architecture in sight, I even had a trekker round on Mt Olympus lol. I guessed right a round in the mountains of Epirus that I think look quite distinctive, but for the plains I always mix up the area around Larissa with Thrace, so no tips for that unfortunately.

  20. we act anti-gay in public but honour ancient greece in the bedroom if you catch my drift 😣😣

  21. I find Tattoo to be pretty boring tbh. The staging is gorgeous and Loreen is a great singer, but it's just a low-energy English pop song which isn't my thing outside of Eurovision, but especially in Eurovision. Käärijä is much more fun and in tune with the spirit of the competition, for me. I love that it's in Finnish!

  22. Lol you are well allowed to prefer Käärijä, but there's no need to drag down Loreen to do so. A low-energy pop song? I don't think.

  23. low-energy and pop aren't inherently bad descriptors? ballads are low-energy and i like a lot of them. and pop is just the genre. i just said that the combination of the 2 wasnt my thing!

  24. meanwhike fr*nch "people" are on their way make a haha greeks lazy joke for the 1000th time

  25. i want to fuck an italian femboy with my huge greek girl cock 🤤🤤🤤 real mediterranean solidarity

  26. the Instagram name of the person on the left is milkyray🥵🤤

  27. i've slowly eased my c*nadian girlfriend into balkan humour and it's my greatest achievement yet. she's now making jokes about greek/turk gay sex and albanian kidney theft like a true balkaner

  28. Move the show's start time to an earlier time slot. It's honestly a bit weird to me how it's marketed as a "family show", but it starts at 9:00 PM or later in most countries.

  29. tbh as someone from greece i like the late time (10 to 2:30ish) i never minded it. it was an excuse to stay up as a kid when i was little haha

  30. Art is subjective. When I look at a piece of art, I see and feel something unique to myself. As long as it's not actual clear-cut fascist propaganda I don't care who made it - it's not like I'm supporting them financially just by looking at it.

  31. why is there so much sexism on this sub fucking hell

  32. I always call Poland Eastern European to piss off my fellow countrymen and it works every time. They are very salty.

  33. dziękuję brother, maybe i'll try it next time i'm in eastern poland. hopefully i survive the encounter and i'm not battered to death by angry poles 👍👍👍

  34. just because someone watches true crime, doesn't mean they support crime. it's the same thing. enjoy the music you enjoy my dude, there's no secret hidden capitalist meaning behind someone liking rap. people just like the sound.

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