1. I utilize the gyms daycare OFTEN. I need a break and lifting helps my anxiety so much. He likes the daycare and gets to have baby social hour. Also I just straight up don't buy junk food. If it's in my house I'll eat it. So it doesn't even get purchased.

  2. Girl you are in for a rude awakening. You’re not getting the feedback here you’re wanting because you’re genuinely not ready Not because people feel like being assholes. You came here for feedback you got your feedback I’m sorry it’s not what you wanted but you are absolutely going to get wrecked on stage. In Wellness those girls come in hard as fuck.

  3. This is why I ditched the handmaids tale. I'm like .... this is literally like reading the news

  4. When we got our working line shepherd he was chosen for us based on what kind of a home we were gonna be for him. The high prey drive crazies in his litter went to military and police jobs while the calmer and sweeter ones went to pet homes.

  5. This looks dated and very young (like middle school). I'd ditch the dress and get a solid color more flattering dress and a boyfriend jean jacket with some white sneakers

  6. I get that this is a funny video but please be careful with this behavior. One of my dogs (malamute mix) broke some teeth trying to get out of a crate when he was fostered by another family. Cost a lot for the dental work.

  7. Also dogs can get their head trapped and suffocate. The wire crates are just fucking dangerous

  8. The shop I go to charges $75 per SMALL dog (small being 10 lb #5 shavedown)x. These doodle people are insane.

  9. We gave up and I'm a fucking dog trainer. We got a cargo mat to put under it that catches it all. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. I'm in Arizona and got my tubes tied IMMEDIATELY after roe vs wade got overturned because I just fucking knew they were gonna pull this shit. Fuck ducey and the gop. I'm staying in Arizona because my vote will always be blue. I am not willing to be pregnant in Arizona. It's too dangerous.

  11. BE is your best option. It is not ethical to rehome this dog. Some dogs are just broken and can't be fixed. He is a dangerous dog. Rehoming him would put another family potentially with small children at risk. He's 9. Senior dogs already have an extremely hard time being adopted. Add the stress from being put into a shelter will only making him more aggressive and reactive. Please do the right thing and euthanize him.

  12. We had 7 left over after our son and one other unsuccessful transfer. We unfortunately weren't able to have anymore due to me have severe endometriosis and needing a hysterectomy. When roe vs wade got over turned we decided to let them go (we live in a very red state). We picked them up and let them pass on. We made a mold of all three of our hands and I put the embryo sticks in the cast plaster. I wanted them to know they were so so loved and always being held by us. I wanted to thank them for giving us our son. We didn't feel comfortable donating due to political beliefs about climate change etc.

  13. Finally, an actual informed response. I just don't take cops at their word. I still don't. Until I see proof that this was necessary from the actual person who did the procedure, I'm still calling a spade a spade.

  14. That is a you problem then. Ask literally any veterinarian and educate yourself. Just because you don't like police officers doesn't mean that there's any factual base to what you're thinking happened to the dog. Teeth get worn down with work. It happens. It's part of it. They wouldn't do this if it wasn't necessary. This is like $10,000 worth of dental work.

  15. "with work". You mean "with violence." The fact is that cops use dogs for the same reason dog fighters do: to inflict violence. This modification, until proven otherwise, was done to make this dog more effective at this violence. Until I see proof that this dog needed this procedure, then any statement by police to the contrary is automatically bullshit.

  16. That is what he has! We have them for our small dogs because we live in phoenix and have a coyote problem in our neighborhood. Also helpful for large dogs. I felt better bringing it for our trip to have some protection.

  17. Those dogs are worth A LOT and if they break or injure their teeth they can't work. It's worth it to do the root canal and cap the teeth with titanium so they can continue to work. It's NOT cheap tho. My shepherd does bite work and has worn down all his canines and I was quoted $8k for all four teeth, opted for sealants for now.

  18. I don't understand how it was possible either. It was a big boy boxer. The craziest part is that we got him to throw it back up for us!

  19. I texted back and said fuck Blake masters and the gop and never got another one all I got was "have a good day"

  20. I've always had my (working breed) dogs carry their own food, water, leash, poop bags, etc. It's difficult to imagine a 95 lb working dog not being able to carry 3 days worth of kibble. Recommended max pack weight for dogs is 20% of their body weight. I don't think my dogs have ever exceeded 15%, and they're usually around 10%

  21. That's wild! My dog barely even touches her food or treats when we are on trail or camping. Her vet swears it's common and relatively safe because a dog will absolutely eat when they need it. But seeing the contrast between what you pack and what we pack made me giggle a little.

  22. My shepherd will carry the rest of the food my husband will carry the gallon size ziploc 😵‍💫 he eats an insane amount on the trail. I've run out of food more times than I want to admit and my friend I mooch off of literally told me "to pack more god damn dog food". He's a working line GSD and is just a bottomless fucking pit. He's definitely had to eat some of my food a few times.

  23. Mal isn’t a pet. The ones I see are barely even working dogs. Good luck.

  24. Definitely not a maligator. They are really not pets. They need an absolute insane amount of exercise and training. I'm a professional dog trainer and my boss has the top two malinois French ring dogs in the world and there is NO FUCKING WAY I would own a malinois or recommend them to anyone unless you're active duty military or a police officer or completely hate having a normal lifestyle. These dogs are absolutely insane. Working line GSD is what you want. Sapphire mountain shepherds in Montana has outstanding dogs.

  25. Waaaay more food than you think you'll need. Bring wet dog food packets or tuna packets and treats. Dogs burn a lot of calories and I've definitely ran out of food before. Not fun.

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