1. Yeah it was so weird trying to hear commentary explain it. They literally said "intentional" doesn't actually take into account the "intent" of the move. Like he purposefully moved himself was all it needed not the idea of what he was trying to do.

  2. It makes more sense when you think about it with eye pokes and groin shots. Not so much in this case.

  3. In addition to having a DC that nobody is interested in making a HC again in Spagnuolo. Similarly I think that is a major upside if they hire Fangio, in that he's unlikely to draw HC interest from other teams

  4. Their OC Bieniemy has been interviewed by 17 teams for HC jobs and hasn’t gotten one. Either he interviews really poorly or he’s just a nod to the Rooney rule and never had a chance. Could be some combination of the two.

  5. Today his main stock, enterprise crashed 27%

  6. That being said Brady will be on the couch if we lose our first two QBs again…

  7. Yeah they like hanging their hat on the 34 points scored. But I think you take 7 points off for that end of the first quarter fumble by Johnson and the last field goal for time of possession if we had a QB at all. Eagles are now at 24.

  8. All this and we’re playing good D. Need a pick 6.

  9. Maybe just aerate it with an immersion blender.

  10. Also another one that I found, Eagles regress significantly in the second half.

  11. Context is important for this one. There were several games where we went up by three scores in the first half, then basically laid off the gas and turned into a vanilla offense for the rest of the game. Last week is a good example. We basically just ran the ball, didn’t run up the score, and allowed more yards to the opposing offense when it didn’t matter. In a close game (or a lower scoring one), the team won’t just turn off.

  12. There was 1. One game where Eagles we’re up by three scores at half time and that was to the Commanders who the Eagles lost to with Hurts

  13. Um, both Jalen Hurts and Lane Johnson missed time due to injuries and are definitely not 100% going into the NFCCG. Those are star players on the offensive side of the ball.

  14. Suh and Joseph were only brought in in November and only played in about 7 games.

  15. Fair enough. I haven't watched much Niners, so I'm relying mainly on what I hear "talking heads" say. I think there's no question as well that both Purdy and Hurts benefit from having elite offensive talent around them. It's hard to separate how much of that is the QB and how much of that is the talent.

  16. The Niners D-line has been 7 or 8 men deep for the last four years. The send waves of fresh linemen in has been their MO for years and is likely the blueprint that Philly adopted. They’ve done a great job turning around guys discarded from other teams and making them effective. One difference this year is they’ve done a better job stopping the run.

  17. the eagles rush stats are what they are because we have a tendency since week 1 to establish big leads early in the game and then defensively prioritize the pass over the run to prevent big plays and force teams to settle for less yards per play and longer drives as they’re fighting to crawl back into the game, which forces them to burn a lot of clock and makes it even harder for them to get back into the game because we also are known for winning the time of possession battle with long offensive drives of our own in the second half of games. there’s only been a few games max this year where teams actually gashed us with the run, none of which happened on the back half of the season.

  18. This myth keeps getting dropped in here. The Eagles didn’t have that many games where they blew people out early and DVOA in particular accounts for those situations and teams.

  19. I have had Anubis, and I was actually very disappointed, especially given the price. It is incredibly light, so light that I can’t even think of another wine, style of wine or region to compare it to. So light that there was barely anything notable.

  20. Flip side… Les Claypool of Primus has his Purple Pachyderm wines which makes some nice Pinots and if you drop by sometimes Les is flipping hot dogs on the grill.

  21. Lol this post makes it seem like we are not evenly matched. Opening spread is 2 points. Which is closer than the spread was for yesterday’s game. This means the game is expected to be close.

  22. 2 points is basically the home field advantage so this is pretty much a pickem to Vegas.

  23. Play their best. Philly is great, but no team in football will beat the niners if both sides of the ball are clicking.

  24. The Eagles defensive prowess is in their pass rush and passing D. They’re only middle of the field (12-15th) in rushing D. This is the mismatch to exploit. If the Niners can sustain long drives rushing the ball which finish in touchdowns and keep the ball out of Hurts hands by winning the time of possession battle they’ve got a good chance of winning.

  25. This and a cheese cloth to strain out the cork particles. A paper towel or coffee filter will also work in a pinch.

  26. Well rublev isn’t with Nike anymore

  27. I was wondering what kit is he was wearing it kind of looked like Andy Murray’s. AMC logo. Apparently he’s got his own thing now called “Rublo”.

  28. This is the way. I don’t know all of these but the ones I do know are fantastic.

  29. No PED tests when you’re retired…

  30. Fuck if you’re into MMA go check out Donald Cerrones insta. Post USADA he’s fucking jacked.

  31. I have never used a torque wrench on my wheels and have also never had them fall off. Tighten until solidly tight, not bitchin tight, just solidly tight.

  32. This just hand tighten it until the it’s solid then torque it if you want when you get home.

  33. So, less of a purist’s wine and more of a drinker’s wine it sounds like. This makes sense when you consider grape growing and wine making as more of an art than a mere process to selling wine, where Caymus seems to fall into the latter category. Thank you for the input!

  34. The thing is Caymus used to be a really good wine. Early 2000s they switched it to the drinkers wine but lean into their history and name recognition to sell a $20 wine for $80.

  35. Bosa also got hurt and was out the second half.

  36. What's crazy to me is that Jimmy G is still the stat leader at QB even after being out for so long and Purdy lighting it up. He's also only a few hundred shy of Dak in passing yards which is unexpected.

  37. Jimmy and Purdy’s passing stats per game aren’t that different. Jimmy was playing really well so total stats are going to favor Jimmy because of the extra games he’s played.

  38. Selling them is likely a non starter. You might be able to donate a few cases at a time to somebody doing a charity shindig and get a tax write off.

  39. Yeah I live in the SF Bay Area so Napa and Sonoma are somewhat frequent day or weekend trips so pretty much everything in my cellar are purchased from the winery or from a club I’ve joined after tastings.

  40. It lives up to the hype. We decanted it for a few hours before service so it had a chance to open up really nicely. First thought is it’s a really opulent wine. Rich and pretty velvety for a wine with decent acidity with cocoa and dried fruit notes in the background. Even for a six year old wine, and as good as it is it still tasted like it had a little more to give with more time in the bottle. I’ve been getting two bottles each year since 2015 and been opening one on my birthday each of the last two years so around 2025 I might start looking at my 2015 again but it could probably go longer.

  41. We really have no incentive to trade him seeing as how we'd instantly be on the hunt again for a backup QB if he's gone. And given how often our QBs get injured, the backup spot is pretty valuable for us. Not to mention having two QBs on rookie contracts will really help our cap situation as we have to re-sign Bosa and others this off season.

  42. Yeah I don’t see how he gets moved before this years draft. He’s expected back by OTAs but don’t think anyone would even make a move for him before this draft. Let alone with a decent package.

  43. I keep hearing this about how it takes a long time to learn Shanahan's offense but also on the other hand, how Shanahan's offense is QB friendly and QB plug and play. So which is it? and where did these narratives even come from?

  44. So one thing that Brock has working for him that most other QBs haven’t in Shanahans system is that every other player around him (except maybe CMC - and he’s a freak) is that the players around him know the system backwards. You rarely see him having to reposition players because they line up in the wrong spot or go into the wrong Motion

  45. Just a note that while there’s a lot of overlap winemaking and viticulture are separate but very intertwined activities. A lot of growers make wine but not all wine makers grow grapes. Some source grapes, some have other folks who tend to vines they own and sometimes they do it all. But there’s a lot of different ways to merge those skill sets.

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