AITA for the email I sent to a teacher about her "You have to include everyone" rules, saying that was a dangerous lesson?

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AITA for cancelling my daughters birthday and making her call her classmates to explain why?

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  1. NTA that is a clear biohazard and she needs to learn some basic hygiene

  2. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this as a news headline. He continues to baffle me about how he is still in “power.”

  3. Just a reminder to everyone that in Islam, rape and/or sexual assault is not considered zina in the book of deeds of the victim, purely because they were forced into it against their will. If you look down upon any brother or sister for being a victim, thinking that they somehow less of a Muslim now, or that they earned the assault by provocation, or that they are lying about their role in the situation, or whatever else you assume, then you are committing grave sin because whosoever accuses an innocent person of something they are innocent of especially when relating to sex, has a tremendous punishment that awaits them in this life and the next if they do not repent.

  4. Something I’ve learned is that the greatest means of looksmaxxing is improving your physical and mental health. You can be the prettiest girl in the room but you won’t be at your peak if you’re not physically/mentally healthy.

  5. I know it sounds daunting, but you're better off leaving him. He doesn't respect you. He doesn't value you. Why are you there? He is actively cheating on you. Staying with him is not going to prevent him from doing things with her, you do realise that right? His medical condition that you're so worried about him recovering from, is the only thing preventing him from f-ing her brains out. If he has the audacity to cheat when sick that means he's cheated on you whilst healthy, I promise you. Leave and find someone new who is more worthy.

  6. NTA. Your partner is accusing you of infidelity just so he doesn't have to pay his share of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy from an activity he is partaking in with you?! He is prioritising clothing, shoes and tattoos over protecting both of you from something that can affect the rest of your lives in a negative way if you are not ready for a child?! He is NOT worth having as a partner. He doesn't value you nor respect you. I promise you.

  7. This is horrific beyond words. Your grandfather would not have not created a life with your grandmother had he have known the truth, therefore the life they built together, and the children they had, and the grandchildren they had...... it's all built on deception?

  8. ESH because he doesn't respect you, and you don't respect yourself. You deserve far better than this. He is not ready for a committed relationship by any means... and you are not ready for one either as you do not have boundaries in place to protect yourself from harm. Having boundaries is not just simply saying: "I don't like you looking for sex work content, I've explained this multiple times, please stop." Having boundaries is saying: "I don't like you looking for sex work content, I've explained this multiple times, I refuse to be with someone who I cannot trust, I find it hard to be attracted to someone who I cannot trust, I value my time and energy and do not want to waste a second more on someone who doesn't value me, please exit my life."

  9. NTA. Fellow Muslim here. It is haraam for him to enter the marital bedroom of someone without their explicit knowledge or permission obtained from knocking.

  10. I wish I had you as a mother when I was your daughter’s age. NTA. You’re a queen raising a queen.

  11. He's got some deep-rooted issues that you cannot fix. The only one who can help him, is him. He cannot change if he does not want to change. You can only control yourself.

  12. Muslims are not allowed to listen to music at all. Most still slip up, including myself, because music is literally everywhere and is heavily addictive.

  13. May Allah grant you both jannat al Firdous without any questioning or account, ameen!!!!!

  14. NTA this hasn't been said yet but if he is sad about not having kids of his own, he could easily be giving off "desperate longing" vibes whilst watching the children that he can't control, no matter how innocent he is this can be very off-putting and painting him in a predatory light, as sex offenders too give off "desperate longing" vibes.

  15. YTA by miles. You need intensive personal therapy for yourself to better yourself as a human and as a parent. You as her mother are more hindering than any neurological disorder.

  16. What's interesting is the daughter is doing better socially than the mom. "She's being lame" is a common, good natured, dig when someone can't hang out. The mom missed this social cue by about 10,000 feet.

  17. Yes. Just last night I did lifting whilst in a caloric deficit. I had to cut my session short because my heart rate was through the roof, I was breathing so hard that it felt oxygen wasn't getting in, my body was dripping in sweat, my hands and legs were shaking, the room was spinning, and when I walked I felt like I was on a ship rocking back and forth. I don't have any pre-existing medical conditions and I'm young, so thankfully I was able to recover quite quick, but it's dangerous and I'm not doing it again, I've learned my lesson.

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