1. Given to Ukraine ? Certainlly . Stolen ? Hardly . The west do have something Russia don't : money . Morocco have every interest to earn West good graces either for trade , technology or for weapons systems that actually work and aren't a hazard for those using them .

  2. Yes you poor Africans get in line for the good graces and great benefits we glorious Europeans will bestow upon you after stealing stuff from you. We know what's good for you!

  3. Yes . I fail to see one government in Africa and middle east that isn't run by either Kleptocrats that act like locusts swarm or an egomaniac willing to kill millions for his ambitions . All of them are utterly inept and shouldn't rule a pissing contest then run a nation.

  4. They are comitting one . The starvation in Yemen is mostly felt in the North where Houthis and iranian steal and sell UN food aids on black market to finance their murder spree .

  5. Because the last war between Azberdjan and Armenia was basically Turkey sending their their drones , entire regiments of former Isis regiments as " Azberdjan Soldiers " and their air and artillery support and say Azberdjan started the war . Basically it was turkish army attacking Armenia and i have no doubt they will try to invade and genocide Armenians .

  6. Must ... Resist .... Belly Rubs ...

  7. Since Citizen united ruling , you have a system that slowly was controled by coorporations and personnel interest . Universities did studies showing how a law favourite by public doesn't increase it's probability of passing but at same time show a law favourite by rich and influential have much higher probability to pass .

  8. Nothing to do with state protected monopolies to fleece the customers .

  9. The CW litterally stopped any idea to that . The PLO was financed by the Saudis to topple lebanese government and force christians out of the country . They did a lot of exactions in south too because Shia were considered heretics by their backers . You had an SA diplomat gloating they finished off the last crusader bastion in Levant . Still a lot of Lebanese see the remaining Palestinians here as a menace to the country .

  10. That was the reason the chancellor was reluctant to give them to Ukraine and needed alittle push.

  11. That makes no sense. Give a source or stop making stuff up

  12. See any news or media outlet that don't start with " Oh ! Glorious Leader ! ".

  13. Neither are major producer of weapons or hold any considerable army or stock of weapons. After WW2 , Austria declared Neutrality so i can understand them avoiding participating in wars or contributing in one .

  14. Wagner is using Wave tactics against Ukraine even recruiting in mass prisoners and conscript russians from occupied territories as well as any unlucky foreigners ( remenber the African Student story ) they can grab . Losses on their number is reaching 80% and the tactics of the Wagner Group are disturbing even for Ukranians and the Hardened Killers that form the Wagner Corps .

  15. It could also affect climate more temperate and more fertile lands .

  16. That would be insult to dogs . Even they know better .

  17. Is it vile , deviant and evil ? Absolutely. But this is the teachings of the cult of Khomeini. Hizbullah and Amal sent their goons to take parts in the depravities comitted in Iranian concentration camps in Iran . You can hardly call men or human beings ; individuals who participate in those gangrape Pedophiles orgies .

  18. French , German and British have good quality weapons but a less in stock of ammo , components and units compared to US since nothing really compare to their manufacturing capacity .

  19. And from who they will buy Military Grade weapons ? Russian weapons are as much dangerous to the one using them and the side getting shot . Chinese weapons are poor Soviets copies . Turkey pissed whole Europe neither French , German or Britains will sell them weapons . Turkey don't have the industrial and tech required to build such advanced airplanes .

  20. This is going to be awkward but they have already the 2nd biggest fleet in the world and have one of the best equipped army in Asia . They just keep low key and fon't beat their chest make noise and say look how tough we are .

  21. The key words being "Russian defense ministry says". Not exactly an institution known for its truthfulness and reliability.

  22. Including to their own President Putin.

  23. They really should rename the US police to " Criminal Association of America ".

  24. Internally it might give Trotsky enough room to secure his position and potentially assume leadership of the USSR. Assuming this happens he will try to spread the revolution to the rest of Europe.

  25. Definitely , an successful Soviet invasion of Poland and an attempt at Germany would push Western support for Germany and a military campaign to throw out Soviets from Poland . You would have in this timeline an earlier Red scare .

  26. Well it seems they are on their own merchandise again . At least , a lebanese product is getting a good renown for quality and customer satisfaction.

  27. I really don't know this obsession with ratings . If a french president had 60% approval he would consider it a major acheivments.

  28. Putin always wanted to invade Ukraine and more . This didn't just happen in a vaccum. Putin have been planning for this for decades . He want to fill the nine geographic gaps used historically to invade Russia that means also invading at minimum five Nato menbers using nuclear blackmail .

  29. Their land is really bad quality so bad actually they have to use mostly rail to connect their country as using roads is economically unaffordable . Most their land is tundra , deserts or arid wasteland . One of the reason they want Eastern Ukraine is because it have a lot of farmlands .

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