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  1. My partner would love them... Don't tell her!

  2. Yes just connect the cards together as normal. And set duplex,ip,subnet manually. Like you would with a normal rj45 connection between the pcs.

  3. Yep .. what he said... I've tested it before.

  4. It is a very good question... Private schools do have better resources... But often it's about the connections you make in private school.

  5. Very nicely done .. got link for it to see up close? Perhaps upload to GitHub as demo for others...

  6. Sorry , I am a bit novice, what does a pull mean ? Do you mean add the cat 6 cables along with other wiring ?

  7. Your house... the builders work for you... Tell them you are bringing in an external electrician... Tell them they will be excluded from the building warranty... then do that.

  8. I bought a 1000' spool of Cat6A for like $300, some passthough connectors and a crimper and have been wiring rooms myself. The more wires you get dropped in locations, the better off you'll be. Also, little 4 port switchs are great if you only want to run 1 wire to a room or something.

  9. Don't run small Switches if you can avoid it... They fail more often and cause problems someone will have to deal with.

  10. That would have been an awkward photo shoot

  11. I hope you don't think any of the others have better data management process than optus...

  12. Don’t think you even read the post. It’s Optus’ response which is the issue. Sure, breaches are a threat to any company but it’s how they confront the issue and respond to affected customers that is important.

  13. That's because the Original Post is Removed... I can't read it.

  14. Why didn't they ask Australians....? I could take a good chunk of that list!

  15. If it makes sense.. make a class inject a singleton

  16. 16gb.... I remember the 16mb flash drive!

  17. Didn't watch... But I do agree with the unpopular opinion... More nuclear... More we can do with carbon capture and removing polluting plants!

  18. Brokers are great... If you found a bad one, look around.

  19. Wait you joined a local butchers website?

  20. Not the local one... Need some decent decent size cuts... Most of the locals only carry all cuts

  21. function processRegistration(email, password) {

  22. Possible... But stupid enough logic to send it in an email is stupid enough to store it plaintext

  23. I think he was making a joke insinuating that he would eat the whole thing himself.

  24. Yes... I would eat the whole thing.. 44oz = 1.2kg with bone... Easy :D

  25. Yeah it's weird though I've had it happen multiple times to the same few laptops. Now I go straight to bios update but my boss wants to know if we can do anything to prevent it.

  26. That's a Dell question.... It's annoying getting a brand new laptop then after a windows update it's unusable

  27. Holy crap lemme tell you about this other weird one. We just bought a new xps 15 for some guy who doesn't need it. I set it up like every other laptop and it was awesome. When I finally onboarded him yesterday, every 15 mins or so it would kick me out of TeamViewer and him back to the login screen. No idea why that's happening. This will be fun

  28. We use Lenovo...they've been much better with drivers and crapware since they had that virus in their touchpad driver 7 years ago... You get a stock windows... That's it... Prevents alot of work removing it and alot of weird issues

  29. The internet is just a really long wire 🤓

  30. You're wrong.. it's actually a series of pipes

  31. Yeah should be called more like auto scaled code... Or scaled functions... Or invent a whole new word.

  32. It's a new type of street light with 5g built-in

  33. Yeah we call it apiinterop. Imagine that you are releasing the API publicly. Does the that project have everything you need in it.

  34. And for a really big project with about 60 projects in it... We have a whole seperate solution project for shared API interop... Which gets built automatically and uploads to our NuGet feed... The other projects then use the NuGet package .. it's a bit of a pain as when you want to update an API model you have to re-upload, wait for the build then update the package...

  35. I like the mobile app buttons down the bottom Looks good overall too

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