1. Probably could never hire someone if they had to have or a grow a real one :)

  2. Try something like this:

  3. too expensive to import from Britain, and i cant really find it on amazon

  4. Do a search on the part number "D36V28F9" it is available in many stores in many countries.

  5. Link to my photo album with more photos. These photos are from 1984 so quality is not great. Note that some of the photos have human remains visible. (Cave photos start at 588)

  6. bjda says:

    I bought the a6500, 16mm (SEL16F28) and 55-210mm (SEL55210) for travelling, the setup is compact and fits nicely in my laptop bag (body & 16mm can fit in my jacket pocket). Afterwards I started investing in better lenses for when I wanted to do some serious shooting. If your just taking photos for hobby and they don't have to be super quality then I would think the a6400 would be a good choice. Depending upon how you travel I would think about the lower end lenses to pair with it. The higher quality lenses tend to be larger and might attract attention from some people who would like to separate you from them while travelling.

  7. bjda says:

    Repot in terra cotta pots and provide a way for excess water to drain out of the pot (hole in bottom, make sure it's not blocked). This will prevent the roots rotting.

  8. All the pots have holes in them, they have 60% mineral and 20% coconut (fibra de coco? Idk the English) and 20% turba (again don’t know the English). Does the terracota help with anything in particular apart from drainage?

  9. bjda says:

    Lets the soil dry out a little faster, the soil you have seems good, the terra cotta will allow the soil to dry a little faster instead of the moisture remaining in the soil, which would probably lead to mold because of coconut fiber. Also make the pots a lot larger than you think you need. Cacti & succulents tend to have root systems that grow outwards instead of downwards to get more moisture, and you won't have to repot as soon.

  10. bjda says:

    I would start with the antenna. A loop antenna that you could rotate would help null out local interfering signals, but there are physical drawbacks to that (having room and being able to rotate). An active whip antenna is also a good way to go if you don't have alot of room, make sure it has a really good ground. Search for the PA0RDT Miniwhip Active Antenna on ebay to get an idea of what is available. I am NW of Boston and have used one outside my office and get a really good boost in performance even with all the computers and other noise sources around.

  11. Coke JP is my fave. We order a 6 pack every few months. Costs a fortune to get it here though.

  12. bjda says:

    If your here in the states, go to Costco and buy the Mexican coke in bottles, it uses the cane sugar

  13. bjda says:

    No matter how much technology or safety engineering you do, stupid people will find a way to get around it. You can't save stupid people from being stupid.

  14. bjda says:

    Question - The diesels in the train, are they there for assistance in case of a breakdown or are they helping on the whole trip? I think they need one to provide power for the passenger cars?

  15. bjda says:

    It is hard to tell how you have it wired up, but looks like you have the data line to power supply ground, and the data line from the controller to the positive line of the plug. The led strip should have three wires coming out, Black (ground), Red (+5v) & Data (appears to be white) Black and Red should go to the power supply and you should also have a ground wire from the power supply to the controller (which it appears you do). Data line should go through a resistor between the controller and the led strip.

  16. bjda says:

    int buttonApin = 3;

  17. Its enamel coated wire (insulated). Use some fine grit sandpaper or scrape with a knife to remove the enamel.

  18. Try a HP461 instrument amplifier. I use this between 50khz to 2mhz into a 2.6 ohm antenna for testing. You can probably find one $40~$100

  19. Whoah, damn, thinking outside the box! With that logic though, wouldn't it be 4x8=32?

  20. I was looping back to the first line to get the 4 x 4 but yours is also a valid pattern answer.

  21. I think the answer is 16. 1 x 5 (2nd number next line) = 5, 2 x 6 (same pattern) = 12, 3 x 7 =21, and that would leave 4 x 4 = 16

  22. How long did it take you to draw?

  23. I don’t remember exactly since I made this in 2014, but I do know that a similarly sized comic page took me three days. I hope that answers your question.

  24. Yes, it looked like alot of work.

  25. Got anymore old photos you could share?


  27. You are so lucky to have experienced Japan in the 80's ! Everything must have change so much. Thank you for sharing this picture !

  28. If anybody is interested here is my 1st year in Japan (actually about 14 months) in photos

  29. A couple of things, 1) How are you powering the circuit? I think you may need a separate power supply for the 8x8 matrix. 2) Do you have the correct driver for the new matrix? 3) If you have an UNO board handy, try hooking it up to that to test the matrix functions.

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