1. Glad it worked out for you. Ive yet to try, but several people posted saying to avoid them they all had same problems. Perhaps a new thing some still dialing in. Enjoy!

  2. Agreed. But a lot of GPs have been turning it around. I’d be willing to give it a shot at this price for such a classic strain. Hell, I got the solventless live Blue Dream cart from The Lab and it’s ridiculously good.

  3. I've heard those solventless carts are problems because so

  4. Anyone try the burnt toast flower yet?!?!

  5. Yes the blades are the best deal going! Small buds fit right in the grinder!

  6. Maplewood Apothecarium offered me a 1 week return policy in case of a malfunction or anything. It's been over a week for me but I am going tomorrow to see if I can get a refund or store credit at the least. Just as a note, no I don't rip blinkers. I literally can't, I have horrible lungs, which is part of the reason I use vapes in the first place. The cartridge felt off from the beginning and the burnt oil just confirmed my suspicions. I have used Rythm vapes in the past just fine, with better flavor and more potency. Pretty dissapointed for $80 after tax.

  7. I think its just a fancy package of in house med , I had hot rod and wasnt impressed. I prefer Rythm

  8. CANNABIST is your best answer. Not crowded, more nice variety, friendly staff, close to Camden co

  9. Yeah it was super nice :) anything else you particularly like that's similar?

  10. I like several of the Grassroots, but none more than Bubba. Girl scout cookies, garlic cookies, Tre OG. Whats nice they often sell 1 gram so you can sample variety!

  11. Perhaps just a few left and they wanna get rid of them to get more/new inventory

  12. Oh damn that looks like a sales display pic! You bought all that!? Nice! Enjoy!

  13. I like the control of single flame -

  14. Thanks for this ROT! I have been heating at the bottom, almost trying to make the flame go under the bottom of the cap, on first hit! I will try this!!

  15. I'm also a big Cresco guy, but I found another really good: Calypso, specifically Purple Mountain Majesty LLR; was full, tasty, great effects! And bonus, patriotic!

  16. Nice! Enjoy! How do you like that particular IH?

  17. How was the Runtz 2? Sale right now is runtz muffin #2, 2 8ths for 60.

  18. I've heard several people complaining about the coal creek, as in it tastes like coal lol

  19. Welcome! Enjoy! Whatcha got in there a double bear? 🐻 πŸ»β€β„

  20. Purple Mountain Majesty by Calypso. Tasty, great effects, anytime of day

  21. Walmart sells 30 egg pack for $5. Use a muffin tin, throw a piece of ham in each, an egg, some shredded cheese. Oven 350 for about 12-15mins. Bam! Some english muffins and you've got 12 bfast sammies!

  22. PA yall know I came up on Fluent system error yesterday and I updated Gleaf Kush Mints post but today I'm going to see if I can get Revel 7g for the $35 like the website is showing πŸ™

  23. They sell them for that regularly at Ayr even 30 at times

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