1. The rolls of plastic wrap that are already open and sitting out.

  2. That’s the next thing they lock up behind a gate.

  3. That’s paint transfer that you can probably remove yourself fairly easily with Magruires compound or even a magic eraser (although the magic eraser is dangerous since they are just basically a very fine grit sandpaper sponge which can possibly ruin the paint).

  4. Giving up everything but Meth.

  5. We're just gonna ignore the teapot my guy has plugged in directly next to him, huh?

  6. For anyone that wants to know how much of an outstanding citizen Chase Cominsky is, he’s been charged with

  7. The fact that they are still pissed at Lamar and not the front office is hilarious.

  8. I still don’t understand why Apple didn’t just replace their built in Weather app with the Dark Sky app. This is a no brainer.

  9. Eight paragraphs and not even footnotes about what the ideology of the party is? No thanks.

  10. For all the people asking about jobs in Cleveland, News Channel 5 is now urgently hiring for at least 3 positions including:

  11. This happened in 2018 and Jordan Vandenberge still works at News 5.

  12. why does every action taken by the "proud boys" reek of incel-living-in-the-basement vibes?

  13. Because most of them are incels living in the basement.

  14. Should have told the cops to go get a warrant and watch the judge laugh them out of his office for trying to arrest a bunch of teens for "jaywalking".

  15. Why don't you just talk to the front desk and have them call the offenders and have them move?

  16. You can tell he really misses being in the racecar. Man, CTE is bullshit.

  17. Gunther said a lot more but it was bleeped out.

  18. The reason he didn’t say anything during the GWCs is because his jaw was on the floor for how dumb some of these drivers just dive bomb into the first turn. Lol.

  19. https://giphy.com/gifs/3oKIPf3C7HqqYBVcCk

  20. Extra cringe considering Mr Rooter is owned by a woman.

  21. Well this absolutely backfired on OP didn’t it?

  22. Looks like you’ll get an extra 400-500 bucks in your hand.

  23. Sex trafficking is the same as wacky weed in some peoples minds huh?

  24. I've never used AIR BNB before, Is having cleaning fees but only finding out afterwards normal?

  25. They break down the pricing right before you hit “reserve” so it’s not an “after the fact” thing.

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