Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Morlock

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  1. My wife got me a limited pressing on vinyl and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

  2. Trump continuing to walk free despite committing too many crimes to count will be looked upon by future historians as one of the lead ups to the downfall of America.

  3. Please learn to troll better. Intellectually "deficient" would be a better word choice.

  4. This seems like more of a philosophical question than a music question. The status quo can’t revolt against itself, right? Rebellious music implies going against the grain, not with it. So the answer has to be no because the second it is part if mainstream culture then it’s not rebellious anymore by definition. Maybe my answer seems too simple, but if you’re music is just going with the zeitgeist then it’s not rebelling against anything.

  5. I think we have anti-balloon tech, like a really big dart or something.

  6. I can start throwing lawn darts, will that help?

  7. This is what happens when teachers can't afford to live off their salaries.

  8. "The most expansive federal report in over two decades on guns and crime shows a shrinking turnaround between the time a gun was purchased and when it was recovered from a crime scene, indicating firearms bought legally are more quickly being used in crimes around the country.

  9. The pandemic proved that driving to an office is unnecessary. There’s no reason to go back.

  10. For people that don't want to read this story, what's remarkable is that the subject of the headline is barely in the story, which is about some convoluted California practice of slate mailers, which is apparently legal. In fact, it looks like Maxine Waters did everything legal and cleared it all with the FEC. So at most, we have nepotism in paying a child to do campaign work. There's nothing in the story to suggest the daughter did not do actual work, so what's the story here? Politician gives family member a cushy job is par for the course in this country.

  11. Before the cancel culture alarmists start bombarding this comment section. I too grew up hearing this phrase fairly often and by people no one would accuse of being racist, but this woman is highly unpleasant and mean. She meant it to be hostile.

  12. I had never heard of this human piece of garbage before his spat with Greta Thunberg. What I've learned about him since demonstrates that he is a weird new kind of criminal for our times.

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