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  1. Yesss I do the same but for my feelings. I have a difficult time processing them by myself … so I sue others to help me get there. Which is why therapy has been a godsend lol

  2. That’s interesting. I tend to have major fluctuations in energy levels that can last months and currently in a very low energy state. So I’m curious as to how that could affect my typing.

  3. Id assume they would say it doesn’t matter. That you’re always doing your saviors. I’m not convinced.

  4. Right. So the big question is … is 1 video enough? I understand they are comparing against thousands of other submissions, but is this one video enough “evidence” to truly see someone’s patterns.

  5. I’m FF Te/Se and I have a really hard time being upset with other people. I blame myself and go over and over again in my head what I could have done better/what I did wrong.

  6. So we still think it’s ok to comment on peoples appearance, especially in a negative way? Great, I forgot it was 2007

  7. It is a beautiful dress! I think the white waist band should be thicker to mimic the strong bone structure of FN. It feels a bit too dainty, but I say wear whatever you love.

  8. I could understand the annoyance if right away Sutton related it back to her own experiences. But that’s not what happened. Sutton asked followed up questions (not garcelle) to learn more about Diana’s experience. After they talked about it, then Sutton related by saying she knows how difficult it can be because of her dad.

  9. The fact that there was no murder weapon and that when they did the tests with what they thought was the murder weapon the replica just broke. But they didn’t even seem to really care about that but I feel like that is crazy they threw him in jail

  10. Why does there need to be a murder weapon? Couldn’t he have, in a moment of rage, either pushed her down the stairs or slammed her head against the ground ?

  11. So often when you tell men "hey, it's not a compliment to get catcalled and hit on constantly. It's really annoying actually, and makes me feel unsafe!" they'll say: "really? I for one would be happy if that happened to me! Noone ever compliments men, I'd be so glad if a female stranger walked up to me and said 'nice cheeks hot stuff, you wanna do some cardio in my bed later?'" And every time some man says stuff like that, it's like... You're imagining some hot instagram model saying the line, right?

  12. Yesss definitely, but not even just that. It’s a concern of safety as well. Men are just physically stronger than us. Catcalls can lead to groping, which can lead to being cornered.. and it’s just a lot scarier for us.

  13. Dresses from 1, 11, and 13 are fire 🔥 on you!! Love the v neck and open neck. I think you’re a SN! I see your frame first, then curve. Not frumpy at all!

  14. Yeah I see SN too. I see your strong frame first, then curve

  15. Yessss I always thought this! Those pouty lips do it for me 👄

  16. Beautiful! I think you might be FN. I see vertical first, then width. I think outfit 4 is your best look with the long skirt. I don’t prefer the shorter dresses on you!

  17. Interesting, what makes you suggest natural?

  18. Your facial bone structure, while angular, has a width bluntness in its outside curves. It is probably your tertiary essence but I still see it! There is a sense of grounded-ness there

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