1. I get everyone hates Raquel but it’s so obvious that Lala is jealous of her and cannot stop bullying her.

  2. I was just quoting Sutton from real housewives lol. But Lala is only a few years older so I don’t think that’s it

  3. ENFP 7w6 792 so/sx (typed by enneagrammer) and imma cool girl 😘🌈

  4. That’s too much weight, too quickly! But I highly recommend looking into fasting. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks from doing 16:8 six days a week and once a week I do a 24 hour fast

  5. I got mine from BHLDN and absolutely loved it! (There are photos on my page, only thing I would have done is gotten a thicker belt) They had so many boho meets romantic dresses which I think is perfect for soft natural 💕

  6. Natural, classic with a touch of gamine and romantic 💕

  7. Aww that’s amazing!! Keep going girl, you’re an inspiration 💕💕

  8. Aww he’s cute! I only got 2 (sableye and Solrock) and of course I already have both of those shinies and they don’t evolve lol

  9. I see romantic, gamine, classic, and a touch of natural! Very beautiful 💕

  10. Oh my god that second to last one 😭 I’ve never seen that before haha

  11. Yessss such Miles Aldridge vibes I love it. I wis she would do more surreal glamour like this

  12. I love love love that jacket! Where did you get it from?!

  13. I have no gifts right now but will send as soon as I do! I’m littlereegs12. Thanks again! ☀️

  14. My ovaries kicked when I saw the photo with the cross necklace and rainbow guitar strap 🔥

  15. Omg your eyes are insanely beautiful!! I actually think Ingenue first .. the heart shaped face, wide set eyes.

  16. So I have a color and essence analysis appointment with Kitchener, I’m excited! I have not taken my color analysis photos yet, but these are for the essence portion. I wanted to try having people type me so I could compare it with what he thinks. Idk I thought it could be fun! And I’m open to color palette and kibbe typing as well if you want :)

  17. Are you doing virtual or in person?! I’m excited for you!!!

  18. Oooh seeing dramatic and classic. With striking coloring!

  19. This is amazing and so so helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to put this together for all us fanatics that are still learning 💕

  20. Did you ever think soft autumn? Your coloring reminds me of the Olsen twins

  21. This is gorgeous!! Reminds me of Twin Peaks meets Lore Olympus

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