1. Shepherd's pie, cottage pie, pork pie are all delicious.

  2. This story has it all, a birthday , a death , gum violence and a circus sideshow.

  3. I've tried cleaning it again just now, I scrubbed it thoroughly with the green side of a sponge but there's still black residue coming off it 😑

  4. Is it a Chinese made pan? I got rid of a very small pan years ago because it always turned a paper towel black when I wiped it. It was the only Chinese cast iron that I have ever used.

  5. The brand is Navaris, they appear to be a German brand but i can't find any information on where the pan was manufactured. I got it quite cheap on amazon as Lodge is very expensive where I live. But yes, it is still turning a paper towel black even after I was scrubbing it for about 10 minutes there.

  6. Todays game run at 4k and 60fps on PS5 and XBOX X and I paid only $400 for a single device. I dont need to spend more than 5 or 10 thousand dollars to build a pc and play games at 4k 60fps. They were advertised to be next-gen compared to the old consoles and price of gaming pc, so they are. That's my opinion and I am entitled to that opinion. You have your gaming pc then good for you, Im happy with mine, the rest I don't really care

  7. I game on a Nintendo Switch. When the PS 6 is announced will that be next next gen?

  8. It's a PSA, no need for sarcasm. You literally have today and tomorrow to create digital backups for any game you've purchased. I thought word should get around in case people forgot you can download onto a pc from a 3ds.

  9. That's good to get the word out. It hasn't been mentioned anywhere for a few minutes.

  10. If you can take the money now, you will pay a 10 percent fee plus you will owe income tax on the balance.

  11. I have read numerous good things about Rune Factory 4. I decided that Rune Factory 5 would my first Rune Factory game.

  12. I don't know, but you can buy kits that include the screen and tools. Do a web search or check ebay.

  13. I wear shorts, Tshirt and flip flops practically year round. I have used an IWB holster for almost 11 years now, with no issues.

  14. You're making $20/hour now. Everybody starts at the bottom. Don't stop looking for a better job. Remember that the Government can't compete with industry when it comes to compensation.

  15. Or just stick with the government and advance in your career. My son got a state job right out of college earning $37k a year(LCOL) and got an almost $10k pay bump in less than 2 years when he moved from a level 1 to level 2 spot. Awesome benefits too!

  16. That's cool, but 47k/ year pre tax isn't very much. I was making double that as a contractor while my buddies that stayed with civil service were making 50k-52k per year.

  17. When I was ready to retire I called my financial advisor and told him how much I wanted each month.

  18. I went about it the other way around. Every year I'd meet with him, bring my itemized annual expenses and based on my current networth he answered the question "when can I stop working". He would provide a financial projection and I'd see the target date. I'd adjust my finances and the next year the target date was closer and closer.

  19. I did something similar. We talked at least twice a year. In the beginning we talked about my goals. I wanted to retire at 55. At 52 1/2 I was very frustrated with my job and wanted out.

  20. Couldn't you take any recipe that you like and substitute or eliminate the protein?

  21. Punishment mode sounds awesome for people who don't make their payment.

  22. SKMEI is a well known rip-off watch brand from china that sells G-Shocks and F-91W copies under their brand on AliExpress

  23. LOL. I've never bought anything from AliExpress or even browsed the website.

  24. He means the clock time moves forward as you move from west to east.

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