1. He will get boots issued. He will also have access to a list of approved boots that he can purchase.

  2. So, now that Rise is available on all platforms, will the "Monster Hunter Rise is to easy" posts increase dramatically?

  3. Really? No offense intended but I would argue Rise was the easiest of the whole franchise by a significant margin. Village quests get picked on a lot but you're saying even those were a challenge for you?

  4. Look, not everyone is as good as you. Obviously you are in an elite group when it comes to video games.

  5. I made a post saying what sabbath Riff sounds the most like zep and everyone was just hate spamming led zep

  6. I have always been happy with pizza and or wings. A giant Subway sandwich is awesome too.

  7. This is just 1 reason why I will never live in an apartment again.

  8. I don't see anything wrong with Daredevil going up against any Spider-Man villain and vice versa.

  9. Yes…the math does work. 10% of gross minimum wage invested with 10% return from age 25-62 is well over $500k. People don’t save is the problem…and education about saving is a problem. You have to pay yourself first.

  10. U r right…read too fast and didn’t get your jist . But I didn’t downvote. People who don’t understand (and therefore don’t bother to even try to save/invest) think we are both crazy.

  11. I have talked to numerous people about investing and the advantage of being debt free. Most people think credit card debt is just a fact of life. I haven't had a credit card since 2002. They also seem to think they don't earn enough to invest outside of their 401k.

  12. Of all the 3DS XLs that I have seen, this is definitely one of them.

  13. There is nothing wrong with it. Wash it, season it, cook with it.

  14. As long as the surface feels even and smooth it is good to go.

  15. I think i understood wrong, my mistake. What do you mean by that then?

  16. The game server may be experiencing degraded performance issues.

  17. If you have no intention of signing up, why bother with it at all?

  18. Allow me to explain since it would appear you missed the humor in his pun. Cartier is a brand that is known for their Roman numerals. Also they have a line of watches called the Must from the 80s that was recently re-released. By saying this he is alluding to the fact that Cartier watches typically have Roman numerals and using a play on words for the “Must” line of watches. Henceforth, “unless you’re Cartier. Then it’s a MUST”

  19. Why would it be a bad game now? It's the same game that was a huge hit in 2020 and 2021.

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