1. They'd probably giggity me down by the end of this song

  2. Thanks. His name was Doug. He did like the simpsons. In fact he was bald and had some spots on his head. For years i called him Mr Burns.

  3. You're very welcome my friend 😊. I'm sure your beloved Mr. Burns is looking down from above, smiling at the person you've become, with his hands in a triangle saying to himself "Excellent"☺️

  4. That's a nice thought. I'll make sure to tell my mum. She'll get a chuckle too...

  5. I hope does 😊. Just make sure before you visit her that you find the Jade Monkey before the next full moon

  6. I still love my big gator girl

  7. New Zealand 🇳🇿🥝 - Either any three of these incredible ladies: Bic Runga, Ladi 6 or Gin Wigmore 😍

  8. I sent 16 men to the latrines that night...

  9. Well, he went home alright....with a crater in his colon the size of a cutlet!

  10. "Oh, Hayley does Mariah Carey sound like a real person to you? Grow up, it's me"

  11. Never understood that line until I put his "rumored" fish-fetish into context 😂

  12. Someone check on the homie MunchingOrange to see how he's coping with all this

  13. Thugga's verse on "Have A Cigar" was pretty heat. But the W has to go to 21 for what he did on "Welcome To The Machine" 😤. Prog Rock never sounded this boomin before! By the way which one's Metro?

  14. Dawg, I've been seeing that term all year but never know if it's a good or bad thing haha

  15. You have great sense of colour. Haha your fit works really well with your location.

  16. This is most likely unpopular because it's when the show was going downhill, but as a young girl watching the show when the episode premiered who definitely ate up the boy-band craze, I loved the NSYNC appearance lol.

  17. Haha, I loved how on the commentary the producers just re-used Justin's "word 🤙" three times because he said he felt weird saying it.

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