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  1. There's an autograph session for season ticket holders, crossing my fingers that I'll be able to have at least my favourites from that team sign the jacket they're giving away.

  2. I can't wait to get onto the field and meet some of the greats who won the world series the year I was born!

  3. i’ve pretty much pinned down where the sounds is coming from but i’m not sure what I can do to fix it

  4. My 2019 had rattling that was driving me nuts for the longest time... Then I realized it was my sunglasses in the compartment ..

  5. Worth a shot! Sorry to hear bro, hope it gets resolved. 👊

  6. I had a bass rattle in my 2019 and for the longest time I couldn't figure it out.

  7. I'm working on obtaining my final 8 credits and I've already obtained 2. I've found that the time it takes for some of these assignments to get graded allows me to work on other courses in the meantime. I'm having a great deal of success with ILC and the only thing really holding me back is the time it's taking to get these assignments graded which is ultimately out of my control. I'm currently working on 5 courses right now and saving the 6th for last because it's Canadian history and I have a genuine interest in that course. My worst case is to have them all finished by the end of the year but I anticipate to be finished much much sooner than that.

  8. I feel like glycolic acid would really help you with the redness if that bothers you.

  9. It was like two weeks for me, all to find out that they didn't even enter my information correctly. Half of the credits I already have aren't even showing up as completed so now I'm waiting to hear back from an email I sent 3 days ago. Also I was expecting there to be some kind of roadmap or plan showing what you have and what you need, but it seems as if this is something you have to actually request and they're not even fulfilling these requests right now because of the pandemic. So I have to figure it out myself, which I don't really mind, I just wish I knew ahead of time. Overall it's been an extremely distressing experience.

  10. I've had the same issue for about a week now. I constantly get the message 'couldn't refresh feed' as well. Force closing doesn't help for me. I'm also enrolled in the beta program so I imagine it's some kind of beta bug right now. Last couple of updates haven't solved the problem yet though.

  11. I may have narrowed it down to my router. I made some changes and rebooted and it seems like it's not happening anymore. Knock on wood.

  12. Hmm okay. Mine does the same thing on mobile networks too.

  13. I really can't even remember if I was experiencing this issue on mobile network. I've been working from home since the world shut down and I haven't been outside of my wifi very often.

  14. Good luck. If you aren't willing to dish out a buttload of cash or sit in a queue for a few hours then you're basically stuck with garbage low pop servers where the admins are basically children and nobody actually roleplays. It's a joke.

  15. Not true at all, been around the community for 4 years. Those are public servers, not whitelisted.

  16. Prove it. oh and also don't bother including any examples of communities that make you have to type out an essay and provide unnecessary personal information as well.

  17. Went under 4.5 for the volk vs ortega fight. Have a good feeling about it

  18. Yeah so a guy in here posted a picture of TV cameras around the stadium, he asked the guy if there was a internet stream and he said "yes"

  19. TV Cameras in a stadium? Where they do live broadcasts of sports events? Wow, that's crazy!

  20. I assume you need an apple music subscription to watch the stream?

  21. Last time you did not. Can't speak to this time for sure but I imagine it will be the same.

  22. Sign up at GED com and they'll tell you. It's the old test so be careful on which study resources you use

  23. You can sign up on ged com but you'll have to go through ILC first

  24. Oh! I just disabled it and re-enabled it and it didn't work. But after full uninstalling webview and then restarting it did fix it! Thanks for the help!

  25. Pixel 5 here. Same issue, many of my apps would crash upon opening them. Very distressing! Reinstalling WebView resolved this !

  26. Green Man Gaming had the game on sale at a reduced price for Gold members and offered 5 voucher codes to give to friends. I managed to use those to convince two friends to get the game on launch haha

  27. The injections are absolutely an option. I suffered with Low-B12 and what my doctor did was give me three rounds of injections to help boost me up quickly and then had me on a supplement to help me build off of that.

  28. Thanks for your response and clarification! I was reading up on the effects that PPIs have on breaking down B12 which was kind of what got me thinking about injections as a viable alternative.

  29. Yeah. PPIs are a risk for when you focus on food sources for B-12.

  30. Ohhh, this is very good to know! I thought the same applied to the supplement because it needed to be digested and converted in your GI tract.

  31. I was on udemy Neil Anderson's course and AlphaPrep exams, also did some cisco academy stuff. I should have gone Boson...

  32. As someone who is 40% into Neil's course, this is disappointing to hear. But I'm not surprised?

  33. Can anyone Tell me what Radio channel is playing this Song? I cant seem to find it anywhere...

  34. It played on Night FM for me. Been looking for this track ever since. Happy I found it!

  35. Yeah, like a hacker paywall like you see on many news websites

  36. So, I downloaded the game with the CODEX crack, how can I install any update without needing to reinstall the game?

  37. Codex will release the patch eventually and it should be relatively easy to do.

  38. I haven't, but try forcing 90hz refresh in the developer options and see if that changes anything.

  39. I absolutely hate the cup holders. No beverage of any size or shape seems to fit. Everything falls over. I lost a milkshake into the middle console, and haven’t been able to get it all out.

  40. [BUG] This could be a Plugin issue but Solar's don't seem to be absorbing anything. Tried it on the server I always play on and my own. No matter which way it faces or how high it is, it will always read 0.

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