1. This here. I was heading to a stop in Elmwood Park NJ about eight years ago. It was a split ramp and I accidentally took the ramp that headed for the Garden State Parkway. I called the NJSP non-emergency line and told them what was up. They sent a few troopers to block traffic on the ramp so I could back up and get on the correct ramp. They were really nice about, and said I did the right thing. No ticket, just a “have a good night”

  2. There is "The Walk", which is not a doc but a movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit.

  3. I also think The Trees would be great. When the drums come in, the crowd would explode from epicness.

  4. I saw them in Hartford on the Presto tour, and when “The Trees” started, the crowd went wild

  5. Yeah lowkey it was a little fucked up to use a drug addiction as a humorous plot element. The study group would have been considered a shitty friend group in real life

  6. Don’t forget, Annie was also a recovering addict

  7. Even darker is Chevy chase has been public about his own pill addiction. He dinged up his back and body doing falls for SNL.

  8. And was still doing pratfalls on Community

  9. “Pro-life” unless you need insulin to live. Once again proving “the cruelty is the point”, not to mention, the ungodly levels greed. The GOP is EVIL as FUCK.

  10. “If you’re pre-birth, you’re good. If you’re pre-school, you’re fucked” - George Carlin

  11. Make democrats look bad. If the dems are for it--they have to be against it.

  12. Yup. It should actually be called “RomneyCare” because Mitt Romney did essentially the same thing in Massachussets when he was governor

  13. I’m simply surprised the guy wasn’t torn apart by the murder kitties.

  14. Probably the same shit that happened when Berkshire Bank bought Savings Institute. All sorts of new fees.

  15. The IP rights and the library were probably the expensive part of that deal.

  16. Considering that 20th owned the distribution rights for A New Hope in perpetuity, Disney buying 20th have them full rights to all of Star Wars

  17. It was a table read for charity during Covid lock downs, not a table read for the episode itself. Pedro Pascal read the lines of Walton Goggins (polygraph guy) from the aired episode during the charity read.

  18. Yeah. A wall cloud is an area of the cloud dropping out of the bottom of the main cloud.

  19. I believe thats my first time ever seeing clouds form like that....its definitely freaky looking

  20. I so miss my Sidewinder. Played ours of MS Flight and the PC version of Crimson Skies

  21. I’m looking at one on my apartment wall right now

  22. The only serious reply he's going to get will be from serial killers.

  23. he’s pretending to be an arrested Jan. 6th insurrectionist at some convention or smthn

  24. He’s not pretending. He’s Brandon Straka, an actual insurrectionist who dropped a dime on a bunch of his fellows for a reduced sentence

  25. I’m a trucker (local in the northeast US) and we used to have a bit of a cartel set up. We’d see who was going to New Hampshire, and they’d hit the stores up there and buy cartons for us (no sales or tobacco tax up there) and pay the guy who got us the smokes.

  26. Fortunately, most of us have quit smoking, so we don’t need to worry about it lol

  27. As a semi-driver, I feel this. I gotta make a wide right, I ride the zipper line and fuck everyone behind me.

  28. Fall is lovely indeed it depends where you are in Connecticut, for it freezes very quickly.. if you're in the Litchfield hills and way up there then it is cold quickly but along the shore things are definitely milder

  29. Yep fall is beautiful . I actually live in New Hampshire these days but looking for a house in Connecticut near the shore

  30. For sure. I love to ride my bike up to the Fourth Connecticut Lake in late-September/early-October. So beautiful up there.

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