1. Kikuchi seems genuinely shocked every time someone crushes a HR off of him.

  2. He’s been actually very good since coming back from the IL, obviously tonight not so much

  3. Somehow I keep seeing this but then every game he gives up 1ER

  4. Well considering he’s only given up 3 ER since coming back that’s probably not true

  5. Clearly being facetious, I’m going to go out on a limb and say nearly all of those outings were in some kind of rout. Can we not have him out there in a 2 run game?

  6. Harden looks to be in considerably better shape.

  7. I feel like TT has been optioned no less than 30 times

  8. I believe a wreak somewhere around Gitche Gumee.

  9. Fred Again.. wasn’t at Lolla this year

  10. Well except they gave away Betts and are now likely to lose Bogaerts and Martinez for nothing. But hey, that Story deal looks pretty good, except it doesn’t.

  11. To attend and expect not to get COVID would’ve been a mistake. But that’s it, the risk is well worth the reward.

  12. It’s been 3 days my friend. Let it breathe lol

  13. Hasn’t every other report over the last month, talked about how much he seems to of improved?

  14. We also had MVP Josh Donaldson! (Although Clemens was a bigger deal)

  15. I’ve avoided restaurants for years and I have absolutely no intention of going to one due purely to an overabundance of caution surrounding covid

  16. You’re the same guy wondering about the “Québec Dollar.” Id love it if you’re serious, but no one is this dumb.

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