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  1. I’ve I’ve been playing for abt 5-4 years and I’ve deleted and remade so many different characters and found 2 I like alot

  2. I deleted only one character, and it was a female Saiyan meant to be Katelin's mother. I replaced her with Amisen later.

  3. Evidently I didn't, when this image has four people and I said three adults.

  4. A mild warning: He does yell a lot when dashing.

  5. Nah, I remember this memorable moment when I was forced to do a solo Parallel Quest, it was the near the end, health was getting low, and then Bardock showed up, as he was my mentor. I ended up going down, and I expected Bardock to come pick me up.

  6. Nah, but that sounds like a Technoblade thing to do.

  7. Do you know which is Beast canon choice if he is in the party?

  8. Dang it's like that was the point of Rouge One. To explain the backstory of those five minutes.

  9. That is purely your opinion to begin with. You can't call the journey to get the Death Star plans to the Rebellion, "pointless", because it's not.

  10. The amount of people reading "dying on purpose" as "faking his death" somewhat surprised me ngl

  11. Yeah I figured he'll just come back as a ghost to stunt on us

  12. As a woman who plays Skyrim this is so refreshing to see

  13. As a man who plays Skyrim this is just as refreshing to see.

  14. My problem with this post is it assumes there aren't people who play heavily armored female characters, except for when the armor comes off for OStim stuff. I assure you there are.

  15. My gripe with skimpy armors is that there is no way in hell an armor set that exposes that much skin is equivalent to Ebony Armor and the like.

  16. I love that Canon sans really look concerned.

  17. I concur that the empire is on a downward spiral and im fairly sure we will see it fall in tes6 but youre thinking about it from a logical standpoint as a gamer, not a stormcloak whose family where tortured and slaughtered at the hands of the empire. Most people arent as forgiving or calculating like that especially the hot blooded nords. I feel like it would be very likey that skyrim and ulfric would stand by and watch the thalmor crush the empire.

  18. While Nords would be hot-blooded enough to watch the Empire burn to the Thalmor, Skyrim (obviously) is not full of Nords. Not everyone is as hot blooded as them. And let's not forget the civilians who favored the Empire. Whether or not they want the Empire back in Skyrim, they would know that Cyrodill should not fall to the Thalmor.

  19. Either way i cant wait to see what bethesda decides is the canon outcome and seeing where it leads.

  20. yeah that coz youre a trespasser, non reachfolk inreach lands, just like trying to trespass in orc stronghold.

  21. They don't even own the land anymore. If they did, they wouldn't be hiding in the hills killing people.

  22. 1.They are Daedra worshipers just like Dunmer are, also their cult is diferent from the more "civiliced" concept of daedric cult, like those Namira Cult of canibals.

  23. SERIOUSLY i am convinced all these people are white and as a black person these pro-slavery comments are not only jaw dropping but sickening. the owning of elves can only be described as slavery. they are SLAVES.

  24. As a black person I don't see any of these comments as Pro-Slavery.

  25. At my HS graduation they put "no high heels" in the dress code for the ceremony for this reason.

  26. Well some people at my school didn't get the memo.

  27. Well Lucas was from brawl days so I don't remember much for that.

  28. 4 years ago I would say Determination. That's because I was lying to myself.

  29. Ah yes. Classic Undertale fans. They see two lines for two entirely different contacts and then just simp over Gaster all over again.

  30. She's cute, reliable, redheaded, and a drug dealer!

  31. Correction: Ulfric is not a Thalmor Agent.

  32. I have asthma and can confirm a mask doesnt really stop me normally. It only stops me when I have To breath a lot, after for example running To catch a bus

  33. I relate to this as I have done this several times. And I regretted it every time.

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