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  1. it served you well, you will forever remember it fondly. *tears up*

  2. Those woodgrain patterns are tasty! I would NOT pass up on that one.

  3. I am entering for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons or Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker

  4. You can tune a guitar, but ya can't tuna fish.

  5. that finish is very yummy, reminds me of mint candy.

  6. It certainly should, but I know it's a lot thicker than most tinctures. I'm positive if you messaged them on IG, they could let you know if their syrup allows for sublingual absorption. If you don't have an IG, I'd be happy to do it for you.

  7. Oh yeah I don't have instagram. I know Standing Akimbo has the syrup, I just live on the opposite side of town from them so not wanting to drive until I know for sure. That'd be awesome if you could message them!

  8. They finally got back to me, unfortunately they said oral consumption only.

  9. Ok thank you, interesting and good to know

  10. I like tactical 3rd person shooters (Arma III, Metal Gear Online) since they give you a sense of placement in your environment. Easier to hide in a bush or in tall grass since you can see every part of your character's body to know if its exposed or not. I feel this is the most realistic way to play a war type deathmatch game.

  11. Tommy Hilfiger still exists?? I thought their thing was making clothes for high school age Eminem fans in 2003...

  12. i think most people here are PC gamers, so you would make the most people happy by gifting PC games. if i won the Switch i would sell it on Ebay to get money for PC games, lol.

  13. those exposed screwholes is where the bridge is supposed to go, right??

  14. it doesn't look comfortable tbh, but i love the creativity of the design.

  15. yea makes sense due to the whole concept of manufacturing tolerances

  16. I'd keep it, but I understand if you want to return it. I love Sweetwater since they take returns without much of a fuss.

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