1. This made my whole freaking day!!! I am so happy we finally have a date! I have been dying for this to come out!!!

  2. I do follow SUJU and they are very active, They just releases an album, and one last year, they are spread across EVERY variety show. I think EXO will do the same thing being they have SUJU as an example.

  3. Chris Lee (Sung Soo) is LSM’s son so 😅 I hope Suho will establish a company that houses EXO, sorta like what SuJu did. EXO leaving SM is something a lot of Eri wish for without knowing the consequences. I used to be in favor of that until I realized it’ll be hard for them as a group to even use the name EXO and perform their songs. Not all groups can “pull a GOT7” tbh. I think fans of any group need to accept this. (However, if any member wishes to leave SM I will support their future too)

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  5. I don’t get why you are getting downvoted. exols that bias other members and even their akgaes can advocate for their biases getting the time to focus and prioritise on their solos, so why is it a crime when Baekhyun stans say the same thing?

  6. Like you said do stans can do it but baek stans can't because for exols he's the golden boy with so much promotion from sm so him and bbhls should just accept he's only a member of exo and nothing else matters unlike the rest of the members and their stans who can prioritize their solo career as they like Anyway I expected them to downvote me, proving yet again that his solo career mean nothing to exols

  7. That’s not because of it. It’s because group fans are obviously going to get offended with how you talk about group projects as if it’s something not important for Baekhyun, when he expressed multiple times how he likes to be with group. And what do you mean by us not caring for his solo career? We care for it, but in the same time we also care for a group and when akgaes like you are being shady towards them. Whatever it is, I am sure Baekhyun is capable of making his own decision whether he wants to pay more attention to group or his solo. He for sure doesn’t need momagers who can’t even respect his group! And also, let’s not act like EXO were interfering with his solo career, when the only thing that actually did was Superm. Yet, bbhls never show the same energy for superm that you show for EXO. You all act like DFTF is the reason why Bambi was released so late and got 0 promotion and ignoring the fact that Baekhyun was promotions with Superm for the whole 2nd half of 2020. Meanwhile, DFTF got released much later and didn’t get any promos. Next time, when you are going to talk about exols in EXO space, try not to sound shady and disregarding towards the group. Go on twitter, that’s where you belong.

  8. We do not allow drama from inside or outside the fandom here. Please work hard to get along with your fellow subbies so that we may all have a peaceful time here enjoying and celebrating EXO.

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