1. moro no rio, mas meu portuguese não esta uma nivél para dar opinões em letas.

  2. I love the 'legal' stuff at the bottom.

  3. Can't you keep using the current version of Logic?

  4. Producers, post your beats in reply to this comment (one beat per producer)

  5. Lil bit chilled little bit lowfi, pretty simple repetitive beat for rappers.

  6. I meant, I will never drop the practice of making boom bap beats

  7. ah, I think there is a bit of confusion coming from the word 'drop', don't want to sound like a dick correcting your English (much better than my French or any language apart from English), just trying to help out...

  8. EVERYONE LISTEN! HERE'S HOW YOU RECOGNIZE SOMEONE TRYING TO REEL YOU IN TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU. The sales funnel blueprint has been around for a decade now. The whole thing is based on "telling your story" to get people interested (OMG 100 beats in 100 days to 100k!!!), offering something of "value" for free (reddit advice), getting your info (directing people to social media/email/website - why do you think every message ends in hitting him up on insta or going to his discord?), and then selling you shit (packs/retreats/super insider info/etc). It's called a funnel because you lose a percentage of people on each step, but that is the goal going into it. You can then claim you're just helping the community because 99% of the people you interact with don't give you money when really, the whole goal was to grow your socials/find only a few people to buy shit to begin with.

  9. Producers, post your beats in reply to this comment (one beat per producer)

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