1. My son's brain surgery. He has epilepsy and had a small portion removed in 2020 to alleviate his seizures and give him a better quality of life. He spent a week with wires in his brain tracking his seizures as he had them in real time. They slowly stopped his antiseizure meds to induce them, he had 26 in one night as he slept. Once it was enough data they removed a portion of his brain near his speech and memory center. This was the location of his misfires. The general consensus was that he had a good chance of losing his speech and memory. His personality could disappear. After his surgery as he was being taken back to his room he raised his arm to touch his face, the physician told him not to and my son said "I'm not, I just want to touch it". He spoke before he was fully out of anesthesia. Three days later he was home, three days after that he was being transported back for emergency surgery because of a nasty infection UNDER his skull. The surgeon later said he was maybe 12 hours from dying if he hadnt been seen. He had no symptoms other than a gross drip. No pain, no fever, nothing. Another brain surgery and six weeks with a drain tube and monitor on him at home with nurse visits weekly. He is now seizure-free and on a much lower dose of meds than he was previously. 1500 daily down to 100mg. I spent a month in the children's center helplessly watching my son slip in and out of consciousness and have hundreds of seizures. The possibility of him waking up with no memories and no way to speak was horrifying to me as his father. So the scariest moment in my life, and keep in mind I've been shot, stabbed, and beaten... was almost losing my 16 year old child 3 times in one month.

  2. I almost never say "I know how you feel", but I know how you feel.

  3. so glad your kiddos got such good outcomes. i wanna give both of you big hugs, parenting a child with epilepsy and being faced with those decisions and experiences is horrifying.

  4. Thanks. I’m not sure if my kid is technically an epileptic anymore. She thankfully hasn’t had a seizure since her surgery.

  5. I'm very overweight and new to my fitness journey. I have no idea what I'm doing and the personal trainers at the gym are astronomically expensive. So fuck em. I'm trying to research online and have since joined this reddit.

  6. StrongLifts 5x5. Great instruction and a great workout plan to get started.

  7. I wish there were more 24 hour gyms. I’d love to lift in a gym geared towards strongman stuff just because I think some of the lifts look like fun, but there’s nothing even close that’s open past 7:30pm. I’m definitely considering a home gym but I know I’m the type that I only stay committed and lift hard because I spend the time to actually travel to the gym. If I didn’t have that, I’d probably not lift. Quite the catch 22.

  8. I’m with you. I have 2 power cages and 600 pounds of weights. I go to the gym because it’s way too easy to get distracted at home. I bought all the stuff when gyms closed in 2020

  9. Use one of the many calculators online to figure out your TDEE. Buy a food scale. Weigh and measure everything that goes in your mouth. Eat less than you burn.

  10. We're more than fucking tires. For fucks sake. Move on from this boomer shit.

  11. I’m with you, but (honest question) what are we now?

  12. I’m in your spot as well and i just want to say that Athletic brewing saved me. Their stuff is damn good.

  13. I get reddit ads for "he gets us" more than every other ad combined.

  14. I notice them because I downvoted it and it sticks out on my feed. Last day or so, it’s all the sudden showing the score and climbing. First ad that I’ve seen Reddit show an upvote score

  15. Where'd ya get the lid hinge and wheels?

  16. Let me know how that works how I think I may treat myself to this aswell as my copper pile is built up and I usually just turn it in with the jacket on it

  17. They’re great. There’s a bunch of them on Amazon with different labels, but they’re all the same. Our shop has one and we give it pretty heavy use. You can get spare blades when they get dull.


  19. An air bnb in Cleveland of all places …😂. I can say that cause I live in Cleveland

  20. If this is current, I would imagine it's to attend the fan expo this weekend.

  21. I have a home gym, but I still go to a commercial gym for the drama

  22. I go mostly out of laziness. It’s too easy to get distracted at home and skip the workout because “hey I can do it anytime”

  23. I’m not who you were asking but at one time (I’m working on getting back) I benched 3 plates. My bench shot up the charts when I really worked on heavy ohp.

  24. Am I wrong for enjoying her ticks, cause they're funny ?

  25. There was a documentary on HBO a while back about Tourettes. It wasn't supposed to be funny, but I couldn't stop laughing.

  26. You can sell reg season games but if you sell any playoff tickets they pull your tickets. I had to miss a playoff game due to my kids surgery and they told me too bad. If you transfer them you lose all future tickets.

  27. This definitely isn’t true, I am not a season ticket holder but was transferred playoff tix by one through the ballpark app and he was able to renew with no issues

  28. You're right. I was remembering wrong. They told me not to sell them, but I could have transferred them. It was a chaotic time.

  29. You need to understand the echo chamber that these guys exist in - they truly believe that what they’re doing, and what they deem to be right and wrong, is what most of the rest of the country believes as well.

  30. Something I have noticed in my 45 years is that the type of person to be completely outwardly racist like dropping slurs in normal conversation, does not have the concept that everyone doesn't think the way they do.

  31. Thanks a lot! Definitely getting onto my wife’s Amazon account to order this. Can’t have anyone seeing ads for chaffed nipples on my computer.

  32. Hell yes you can. That’s a badge of honor. I did a half marathon once and that training and commitment is no joke.

  33. Stocking shelves for $4.25/hr in 1994. That would be $8.63 today.

  34. Arthur Treachers beer battered cod sammy & chips😋

  35. You'll be happy to know Arthur Treacher's just doubled in size. A second location just reopened.

  36. Spend time with them. The older I get, the more I realize that time is infinitely more valuable than money.

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