1. Yeah that one doesn’t make a lick of sense

  2. i’ll admit dude beat me round two, for sure. but like im so confused how they gave him a unanimous 😂

  3. Hit that man with a newly created dance move.

  4. we can’t see round by round so we can’t tell you even if you wanted an answer 😂 he most likely won the first two rounds

  5. i don’t think so , i honestly feel like at this point the game just chooses who gets knocked out when that happens 😂

  6. Its better than 90% of the people here. (This should only offend you if you suck)

  7. as long as you own it, i respect it. dubs a dub

  8. On top of that, most of you only show ur knock out. And I rarely play, im lvl 13.

  9. nah man i posted my stats on my page. somewhere around an 88% win rate with 3000 fights. stop generalizing 😂

  10. Why stay in a game where you’re intentionally not finishing him

  11. but that’s also why i said im not mad he quit, you read the caption before you commented?

  12. i go for knockouts, not jumping on someone and finishing them, so i still let him up whenever he got rocked

  13. There’s no mercy in professionalism. Beat him worse next time

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