1. (🌕) Jorge Mendes is taking care of many things for Barcelona, like a Jules Kounde deal. Bernardo Silva (although difficult rn) was also talked about between Mendes-Laporta in the meeting — these 2 spoke of many topics, but no mention of Ronaldo. @FabrizioRomano #Transfers 📞

  2. Mendes isn’t the agent of Jules Koundé. Mendes’ agency firm is

  3. Romero always with the "tomorrow","in 2 minutes", "SOON" big news

  4. It's not club's fault or fdj's fault. But the fault of previous board for giving such heavy wage contracts. So what if frenkie loves the club it doesn't mean he has to take 40% wage cut. So the solution for both the parties here is that frenkie should be sold, because if frenkie is sold then that salary cap space could be used to fit the salaries of our new signings (lewa, kounde, raphinha, etc) the problem here is frenkie's agent has not responded to the two options available on the table :

  5. It’s a misconception that there are only two options — leave or stay with a wage cut. When you accept that, you will easily fall into the bad guy vs good guy dichotomy.

  6. It's proven leaked by the club? or is it the fact that the inter league talks of transfer have allowed many more eyes to grab the contract and leak it?

  7. When the club’s image is harmed, it will reflect it in finances as well.

  8. Sevilla director Monchi: “There are zero contacts with Barcelona for Jules Koundé. No talks ongoing”. ⚪️🔴 #Sevilla

  9. Barça president Laporta: “Koundé? Go see Mateu Alemany. When we activate the lever, we will work at a top level”. 🚨🇫🇷 #FCB

  10. Edu Polo & Fernando Poli (respectively, Tier 1 and 2) both reported that when Barça approached Man City for Ferran Torres, Bernardo Silva offered himself to Barça. Probably Barça didn’t make an attempt because Man City won’t sell him in the winter and winter transfers are more expensive.

  11. Featured names doesn’t look like wingers to me

  12. I have personally left you at least 3 or 4 messages.

  13. I still haven’t completely figured out message/notification system in Reddit :/

  14. Well, whenever you have a new message, you get an inbox notification which you can click. And the message can be of the following types:

  15. Thanks a lot, I will be more careful.

  16. because EA controls the market prices this season

  17. Reports coming that the newest proposal from Barça is actually LOWER than the last one! About freakin' time.

  18. My theory is that the club wouldn’t offer such a proposal if they haven’t been well informed about the situation of the market opportunities for Dembélé. I mean, PSG doesn’t target him and Chelsea is keen on Sterling.

  19. The Mahrez contract is also expiring iirc. Hence less chance of them wanting to let Silva go imo

  20. FFK, they spend ridiculous amount for every position each summer, how the hell they left with only +30 year old right winger in single transfer window

  21. Maybe the idea is to play Silva or foden on the right?

  22. Maybe Foden, but I think it’s kinda waste not playing Silva in natural midfield area.

  23. Iirc, cr7 transfer fee to Juve was 33 million when he was 33 years old. I would say Lewandowski at 33 should cost similar or less. Disregarding who is the better player (I think cr7 is better which many in this sub may not agree), cr7 has much better marketing pull.

  24. You’re insane if you don’t think Mane would be worth $50 even at this age over Ferran who is a mediocre Spanish run of the mill player.

  25. You’re insane if you offering 50m for Mane while you can negotiate and get him 32m.

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