1. Bellerin to Betis? My man literally plays football as a side hustle, he just travels and vibes at this point

  2. I’m genuinely extremely worried about Pedri, as you will see

  3. I’d rather keep Auba instead of Depay the last summer, but today “perfect backup for Lewy” doesn’t sound appealing anymore. Vitor Roque should be the priority and if comes (which I think he will) his development should be handled carefully. Lewy still will get most of the minutes, so if Auba comes he will get some leftover minutes which will prevent Roque’s development. So a big no for me. Also, if possible Thuram instead of Auba.

  4. Saka is incredible, man. One of the few English players who live up to the hype so far.

  5. I mean, how long they will keep crying

  6. Then came Werder Bremen, the World Cup in South Africa... and Madrid. Do you remember how you were signed? Who was the first person from Real Madrid to call you?

  7. It’s fun to watch RM fans exploding like “watch how in 10 years we will see FIFA is actually rigged WC for Messi” just because of the Negreira case lol sure mate all footballing world are indeed Barça fanboys hahahaha

  8. Oh I meant, that’s little value for Balde and Araujo.

  9. As he will get potentially 2 trophies and contract extension, I guess Balde will increase his value even more in the summer. But I don’t think much more for Araújo, as defender limit is almost at 70-80 at its best. Gvardiol, for example, has €75M too.

  10. obligatory TÜRKİYE’DİR GALATASARAY moment

  11. Me think he doesn't want to leave La Real when there is a chance he will play champions league football with them next season. As long as he stays in Spain, we can still have hope. Not this season certainly, but in the future...

  12. What if he doesn’t come season after next season? We can’t wait for anyone for a year.

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