1. What's the point in taking a prescription if you don't know how it works or what it's for? Talk to your doctor. Reddit isn't for medical advice.

  2. Today I learned this is classic Dutch and all hours spent during class perfecting my drawing of this symbol have been in vain knowing this is only used in the Dutch culture.

  3. Some guys that I know take meth and coke for burst of energy, then relax down on weed. Not sure if those count as supplements.

  4. I used to find this tricky too but now I think I have a good rhythm, or at least when I'm off the rhythm, I know how to go back.

  5. If you have legal protection in your state or country, just say yes.

  6. Depends on the circumstances. Having to go through HR, and all that crap. If there is a problem (chances are it's like a Dunking Donuts type job, so it's not a huge loss) and rift between my co-workers, I'll be the bigger person and remove myself.

  7. In Canada, you can skip the HR and go straight to the court as it's protected under the human rights discrimination. You can win money too.

  8. I appreciate the impasto technique for the sky on a small canvas like that, in contrast to the blended landscape at the bottom. The grey band in the middle is nice too. The painting can do without the trees, but the trees do give some sense of scale/dimension. I think I see some bare canvas around the trees.. I wish all of the surface are covered by paint. Say, if this painting is blown up to a 3ft x 4ft or something of that scale, the composition is better without the trees.

  9. Your sink also has a reversed santee on half the sink lol

  10. 😅 I'm not sure what that means. My landlord is a 94 yo Polish grandma too. Lol

  11. The t where the 2 sink drains connect is wrong. Should be double elbow or double t with the top capped if you can't find one of those.

  12. Jesus christ.. Is every one here a licensed plumber lol

  13. I wish the guy on the other thread worrying about him spending tok much time on work would read this 😅

  14. He's just a snob. Whether he thinks that this potential bf is of a lower social class than your friend, or if this potential bf is not "as mature" (people often associate travel with self-development, which I find BS coming from a 3rd world country myself), your friend is just sabotaging himself. If someone that good shows up at your friend's door and he wants to throw it out just like that, theres not much you can do as a friend.

  15. Where are you located? If you're in a big city in BC or QB or ON, you can at least chat up a nurse at an sti clinic about sti exposure and how to handle the anxiety of it. From what I read from your post, there's a component of sti anxiety there despite your claim practicing super safe sex. Also, a queer-competent psychotherapist would suit you instead of a random psychologist. A psychotherapist should be more affordable too.

  16. Alcohol is actually a depressant. Your prescriber should've warned you.

  17. Dudes will be all over you and you get more subscribers

  18. Are you sure you have enough capacity to nurture a relationship on top of having a full time job and trying to have your own business? He may seem immature from your perspective, but he does have a valid point too. Perhaps communicating to each other what kind of relationship each of you want ideally would be helpful.

  19. Ask your partner if he's interested in changing his prescription. There are other meds that won't affect sex drive as much.

  20. When the sex is that good, sometimes I stay that long too with my man!

  21. Because when it's overdone and when you force yourself to push out / blow out the rectum, you'll get looser. Personal experience.

  22. Do you mist your plant? Droplets of water can magnify the sunlight which burns the leaf in that spotty pattern.

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