1. I mean who gives a fuck if you're a "non-native English speaker"? They hope someone will call you out on what exactly? How great your English skills are? Sheesh. There is no pleasing anyone LOL.

  2. Literally 😭😭😭 like that’s not even a diss at all ? Who cares !! That’s such a weird thing to send to someone

  3. I am really sorry you had a negative experience. That said I think you may be putting too much stock into strangers on the internet who have no idea who you are and allowing that to affect you too much so it is probably for the best to take a break. Maybe even from Reddit in general. People can be so bizarre and mean which is NOT okay. It’s also important to realize that ahead of time though I guess? I’ve had people say really awful stuff to me but for the most part I do not care bc it’s irrelevant to my life idk. I wish you the best and also would recommend blocking messages if you do decide to stay on Reddit.

  4. It is ofcourse your privilege to feel this way about sex and nobody can tell you otherwise. It is however not your privilege to put your view on a pedistal as the one and only correct way to feel about sex. That may or may not be your intention, but it surely is how you come across, so try not being so judgemental about different opinions on a subject where you simply cannot be right or wrong.

  5. Or course you’re not wrong for feeling that way. Everyone has to figure out what sex means in their own lives and only you can determine that significance for yourself. The thing where you’re going wrong imo is caring about how or why other ppl don’t treat it the same way you do which is weird. It shouldn’t matter to you that some people truly enjoy having sex for the physical benefits with no strings attached in the same way it shouldn’t bother others that you only enjoy/desire sex in a loving committed relationship. Also people have been having sex since the dawn of time and data shows the amount of young people who are sexually active now is decreases a ton from past years so don’t fall into the pit of thinking everyone’s running around fucking everyone else bc it’s simply not true

  6. I’m all those things and people have still told me to get more emotionally intelligent (not told me but implied it)

  7. Unfortunately a lot of ppl who lack emotional intelligence also misunderstand their own grasp of it and incorrectly perceive themselves as being in possession of those skills when they aren’t. That may not apply to you and you may just have encountered ppl who heard that buzzword and are incorrectly using it BUT, the likelihood of you hearing that from multiple people and being super emotionally intelligent is low. That’s not really the type of thing most people would just accuse you of unless there’s some truth to it but I digress. Regardless though I recommend the book emotional intelligence by Daniel goleman to learn more about it. You’re on the right track just by wanting more info on it!

  8. Hi!! It is sort of a complex topic and like many buzzwords of today - it is misused and misunderstood by a lot of ppl. I highly recommend the book “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman to get a great and in depth explanation of what it is . A lot of people who speak online about E.I. may not be educated or qualified enough to rly speak on the subject accurately so I’d really recommend again the book above and anything else that has been screened by psychology professionals to get a great idea of what it is.

  9. I have to say I just use depop shopping bc of how easy it is… I know other options are cheaper but ultimately I’ve been too lazy to explore other options

  10. Hi! Thanks so much for your thoughtful response. I was basing it more on the fact that A.) I just started the job so am still settling in which will make the situation a bit more stressful and B.) I have never met the kid or parents before so hard to gauge how much extra attention or care will be needed /how long she’ll get along with NK and C.) bc if I only charge $5 extra per hour I’d only be making about $30 extra for several hours of work watching two children which isn’t worth it to me.

  11. Honestly I would feel the need to cover it or at least pay for half or something unless they were obscenely rich and just being jerks. It sucks that that happened but you still are responsible for damaging/ruining two big items if theirs (table and couch.) I would be very upset if a nanny ever did something like that @ my home even if it was a mistake.

  12. Positive (Hey insert name I have been so happy with your work as a long time client) Negative (After I got home I realised that this chunkier highlight really doesn't suit me) Positive (I am hoping we can thin it out a bit as I loved all your previous work)

  13. Honestly I want to thank you for posting this and also say I’m so sorry you’re dealing with it. I’ve had many periods throughout my life where I have restricted/starved myself and gotten lots of validation which is really hard to grapple with. Conversely, during Covid (the beginning of it) I gained a ton of weight and have lost and gained it back a few times now and frequently beat myself up about it/conflate being thin to being valuable and a better person like you mentioned. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and while I often wish I could lose weight quickly again your post is a good reminder that it’s important to take weight loss slow, and make it about me and my health and not some arbitrary unattainable end goal that is detrimental. I also think it’s a good reminder to try not to say anything about other peoples bodies in general bc we never know what they’re going through and something intended as a compliment can quickly become fuel for someone to spiral into a damaging cycle.

  14. Thank you, I wish you well too. I definitely used to compliment people’s weight loss, and I didn’t realise how negatively that can impact people until it happened to me. That’s why I’m not upset with anybody; I just wish I put my foot down about it when I realised that it made me uncomfortable.

  15. Thank you. As much as I wish no one else had to suffer with this, it is comforting to hear others who feel and have felt the same way and I’d like to reiterate my gratitude to you for sharing something so vulnerable. We’re so constantly inundated with positive associations surrounding certain body types and negative attributes for others that I do feel genuinely grateful for any break in that mindset.

  16. No. He love bombed her for six months, and then went cold turkey and broke up with her. This is not normal behavior. Either the love bombing nor the going cold turkey.

  17. I’m not necessarily saying it’s normal behavior but it’s also not super abnormal to go no contact after a breakup. That’s how many people prefer to process breakups as following up and communicating whilst trying to be apart is counterintuitive. He didn’t necessarily do anything wrong imo but I would definitely be hurt too

  18. No contact is fine if there has at least been a proper conversation had between both people and once belongings have been returned / any other logistical stuff. It doesn't sound like that happened. He dropped her and blocked her immediately. That is damaging behaviour and she is right to feel disrespected.

  19. I mean I’ll never know since I wasn’t there but per her post he did say that he wanted to break up with her and was moving back to his town and then dropped off all of her stuff to her doorstep. It came as a shock to her which of course sucks and is extremely hard but he didn’t do anything wrong based on the post

  20. P sure second girl isn’t a drop shipper. She has a ton of rly great vintage pieces .

  21. I hate the inspiration pics you’ve chosen but if it’s your style it’s your house so do what would make you happy.

  22. No. He feels guilty already bc he knows he doesn’t like you enough to date and will most likely ghost you so he’s sort of apologizing already .

  23. So horrible this happened to you and I’m so so fucking sorry. I’m glad your bosses care about you and respect you. Makes hard things like that slightly less traumatizing. Wishing the fucking worst to whoever did that. Disgusting animals honestly

  24. Rly love the print but damn I can’t stand ppl who whistle 😭😭😭 much less into a mic while recording video come onnnn

  25. These are sick and extremely unique/ actual quality artistry. Falls under the category of wearable art for me. So awesome!!

  26. In the future, I would recommend going back over pencil lines and erasing them after you’ve added ink over too. The leftover pencil lines under the drawing detract from it

  27. Your hair doesn’t really look unnatural to me? You just look like a red head. I have a very close friend who’s natural hair is exactly this color and it’s beautiful. I don’t think they have grounds to ask u to change your hair color when u could literally just have ginger hair

  28. Plus one for this. There's so much pressure on dudes to be assertive. The few times I've had women approach me instead, it was an instant boing

  29. To top it off, she’s laying down while I am obviously miserable even being here. Am I over reacting for feeling disrespected?

  30. No. Pls find a better family to work with. That’s unacceptable

  31. As most people have said, I would probably need to let you go even though I empathize with your situation. I think this would be the case for the majority of families. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a nanny if she frequently can’t come in and I’d imagine more issues will come up as you get further along. Plus when you do give birth and need time off etc. it just seems like you probably won’t be reliable for many reasons.

  32. They always make mistakes and remove listings that are perfectly fine. Just ask them “Can you please clarify the exact phrase that breaches your policies in my listings, so I can avoid it in the future?” Usually when I ask that question they’ll get back to me with “we’ve re-activated your listing due to suspending it in error.”

  33. Yes this is a good response. I had several listings incorrectly removed a few years ago and responded that way and they immediately put the listings back as it was clear they had made a mistake.

  34. Oh shit I just commented the exact same thing lol. Guess Lots of ppl would have that response to this man’s sexy loft

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