1. Over the top jealousy. Some jealousy is normal human emotions, but it’s become way too normalized for partners to be up the others business for every thing and not allowing them to do out without them or talk to anyone of the opposite sex. I vocalize the instant ick from the beginning to ensure no confusion

  2. That me & my ex wife are dating again. It was a long hard road to move on after she left me and always had a tether to my emotions. We’ve been divorced for 3 years now and both have dated others since then. We remained very close friends and great co-parents. But recently started hanging out more and went on a few dates. All of our friends (both of us have the same friend group) begged and pleaded I leave her in the past and never give her the opportunity to hurt me again. But the heart wants what it wants.

  3. Had this random girl full on grinding on me at a rave. I grabbed her waist at one point to which she jolted and said NO I HAVE A BF DONT TOUCH. Confused but whatever, we continued this weirdness cuz why not. At one point she got carried away and tried to kiss me. I swerved at the last second & whispered, “OH HONEY GET IT TOGETHER I HAVE A BF” (I didn’t) cue red face embarrassment

  4. I CAN FINALLY CONTRIBUTE!! I ran into this issue before. Always had a brutal honesty policy. Mentioned that I noticed recently the smell and taste had shifted. Reassured it wasn’t like it smelled horrendous now just that it was different. Asked if she changed anything that would cause that. Turns out she changed her diet and some of the veggies was throwing it off. Plus an exorbitant amount of caffeine intake from a new work schedule. Had an adult talk about it and was as painless as possible. Still got laid shortly after the convo too

  5. The guys who don’t understand the environment and can’t read the room when telling a joke. I was in the marine corps (combat job so all males until recently) now I’m a contractor still working facilitating training for marines. One of my coworkers is 74 and shows it every time he says anything. Between the racist, sexist, and downright demeaning remarks, I’m astonished he hasn’t been fired. He makes comments about women being weaker, unstable mentally, you name it. Typical older white dude comments. I personally enjoy the integration of women into combat jobs. Most of the time, they outperform their male counterparts.

  6. I don't know why you got downvoted, probably the comment about "older white dude" touched a few nerves

  7. Yea it was definitely that comment. But everyone knows what I mean by that with no malice intended. Said old guy is a former Marine pilot. He flew in vietnam and retired in the 90’s. Very disconnected from current society and consistently goes on his rants about how times have changed. Only way I’ve ever gotten him to stop and apologize was when I mentioned the year he graduated from the naval academy, was the same year the civil rights act was passed lol

  8. There are so many video games that aren't fun but are addicting. And I kept playing them.

  9. Read the book, "The power of habit" - it references habits also involved in combat and villages during war time.

  10. I’ll definitely check that out. I notice the habits in myself and just fall into the same mental trap over and over

  11. Not exactly growing up, but realized as a young adult (23 or so) that I was consistently depressed and riddled with anxiety. Went through a million therapy sessions and tests, doctors told me I don’t produce serotonin like a normal person. Predisposition to sadness and anxiety made so much sense. Now looking back, realizing the moments I was treated like a mongrel was justified on my end. Sucks

  12. Knew a guy who left his daughter at the park in the middle of the day for 2 hours to pick up. He’s no longer allowed unsupervised custody and still using.

  13. I have been asking for this! I can cook and clean well. Would love nothing more than to be a stay at home dad. Now accepting sugar mama applications

  14. As a father, when they can’t accept having a friendship with my ex-wife and mother of my children. I consider her one of my best friends. But everyone in today’s world expects us to hate each other and only do awkward pick ups/drop offs.

  15. Assumptions of what I will like or want. I don’t care what your friends said their boyfriends like therefore being a man I should like it too. I like art, music, and deep talks. Take the time to get to know me instead of assuming I like video games and woodworking tools.

  16. Women in the military. Being a military guy myself, doing what I had to do and go through what I had to go through. To see a woman succeed in the occupation is intimidating yet arousing

  17. Watched a farmer in Afghanistan digging up in his garden accidentally dig up an old Russian mine and blew himself to oblivion.

  18. Backstory, me (29M) and my ex (Call her P) were married for 7 years. Not the best of marriages. Both made mistakes including infidelity during the relationship and marriage. Near the end she became very distant and started hanging out almost every chance with a guy who was both of our “friends”. She would only go over when I wasn’t around or working (I was military). Long story short, she started seeing him, we got divorced, then she got pregnant by him. He was a complete dirtbag and a drug addict who ended up saying he wanted nothing to do with the baby because he said it was my kid not his even tho I got a vasectomy 2 years prior and got tested regularly so I knew I couldn’t have kids. She offered dna tests and showed him my childless sperm test results. Still wanted nothing to do with the baby. Her being the mother of my 2 boys (now 8 and 6), I made the decision that the baby was my boys sister no matter what. So I paid for 90% of all the clothes she had and has currently. All the diapers. Food, everything. I thought when they all grow up and learn the truth, which we are planning to tell the youngest 2 when they can understand since my oldest already caught on and knows, that despite all the bs and hardships their dad stepped up and hopefully will be a role model standard of a real man. Well as of now, P and all 3 kids live with me rent free and still paying for most of everything including P’s car, auto insurance, etc. She has led me on multiple times to make me believe she wanted to get back together only to turn around and get with someone else. I’m still raising that little girl like she’s my own daughter, never treat her different than my boys, and love spending time with her. She calls me dad and will choose me out of everyone in any room no questions asked. But I still go above and beyond to support (financially and emotionally) P. Despite her being in a relationship and all. I still pay for 90% of everything and always listen to her problems listen about her days and hold her when she’s having rough times (you get the idea). I still want and will continue to do all I’m doing for all 3 of my kids but I feel dumb for always being there and being so caring and supportive to P when she has has openly said she expects me to still do all that for her no matter what and offers near nothing in return. I have issues she tells me to get over it and walks away. I ask if she can buy dinner this time and she gripes with every excuse in the book. I have severe depression, anxiety and PTSD to which she tells me I’m too moody or sad to be around so she leaves me to watch the kids very very regularly. Am I dumb?

  19. I joined the military at 17. First couple paychecks (we were only allowed to buy certain things and our money was heavily regulated in bootcamp) paid for a vet tech program for my now ex-wife that she never even completed. Midway through, the school didn’t send her the necessary books (partial online school) and when we fought to get the books or money back, the school refused. They kept all the money and dropped her then threatened legal action. Gotta love the US educational system. Fun fact, also paid part and used some of my military schooling funds to pay for her schooling again. Man I was dumb.

  20. Treat ur kids how u wish u were treated as a kid, NOT how u actually were treated as a kid. & it’s ok to lose ur cool every now and again but if u do ALWAYS apologize and talk it through with ur kiddos. They’re tiny humans who will gain so much from a simple “I’m sorry, I’m just really stressed and u guys pushed my buttons.” Trust me

  21. Nothing like a heavenly slice of leftover Pizza. Hot or cold it’s getting dealt with

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