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  1. There are two lanes at the airport one is for checked in luggage - which is almost no queue. The queue for security and departure is moving VERY slowly

  2. Poppy and barley, wood sage and sea daffodils!! On some days I’ll layer poppy and barley with wood sage.

  3. I flew out on a Wednesday about 7pm and I arrived at the airport at 310pm. The security check was horribly long and I nearly missed my flight..can’t even imagine the queue during summer

  4. I was the same as OP using maybelline age rewind concealer and it ALWAYS crease..ever since I changed it to giorgio armani luminous silk concealer there’s no more creasing!! I find them setting pretty well under my eyes and no setting power need as well! I don’t use foundation but I’ve been trying Armani’s neo nude..I’m after the natural look it gives me..So might consider of getting that too

  5. For student accommodation you’ll be expecting around €1300/ month bills included en-suite and shared living area. I just googled and these two popped up

  6. I came to Ireland 5+ years ago and I find it challenging to make friends with the locals as we go out for drinks alright but still hard to fit it I think is best to start by home sharing you’ll probably meet someone that are from other country and is easier to click..

  7. It used to be instant for me as well but recently they required me to approve it on BOI app not sure if I’m the only one..

  8. Why do we need so many different ministers in the first place..? is not like all of them are doing anything also 🙄

  9. This is disgraceful for a company like Astro. Is there some sort of department that people can report to?

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