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  1. Look above. Is there a mud pack / cone shaped thing attached?

  2. Directly above is the underside of wooden dining table but can’t see any mud. Wasp seems to be the popular explanation though. EDIT: damn it I just saw the wasp crawl into one of the holes meant for screws under the table and yep, another spider just fell out. I captured it on film. My table has wasps and contains a spider collection

  3. I'm surprised no one seemed to ask but...may we see the video of the wasp entering and spider dropping? Sounds kinda cool

  4. It is quite a boring video. I just set up my phone to record so I could see where the next spider came from. The video does not show the wasp only a spider fall from above next to another spider on the floor. My phone wouldn’t zoom in to focus either so that’s why I didn’t post it, it is quite a boring video literally just shows a small dot falling down.

  5. We have to face it , although Kirk can be good , he isn’t good enough for a superbowl run and the cap space he uses prevents us from being a better team. Looking at the young qbs on other teams that were not high draft picks , need to consider that it may be time to rebuild as much as it sucks to watch a season with no playoffs. This is our ceiling

  6. Wasn't Kirk today. He had a solid game besides that last 4th down. Blame the defense

  7. Not saying it was his fault but $40 million is a lot of cap looking that we could build around a cheaper guy

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