1. I think the ones that are good are pikap sigma nu, chi phi, chi delt and Fiji they NAK usually have sober brothers/ water and feel safe to me

  2. chi phi is great, some of the brothers will even offer to walk or drive you home and someone’s always sober

  3. Davis people are nice asf once at the start of my freshman year I accidentally left my purse in the basket of my locked bike and when I ran back I saw a group of people trying to cover it for me with newspaper so people wouldn’t steal it 😭

  4. I don't see anything "wrong" with her body but I won't downvote you. Her body is not my ideal though.

  5. I can’t eat any pasta with a tomato cream sauce without thinking “I make a better sauce

  6. Damn, anyone know anything more about that chastity belt??

  7. Just wondering, why isn’t she at least a 9 in your books? I respect your opinion though

  8. In my opinion, it’s because her smile isn’t ideal (last photo), her eyebrows are slightly too thick, and her cheeks are too large. Her philtrum also lacks definition. If her lips were larger or her cheeks were smaller, her face would be more harmonious.

  9. 8.5. She’s soft faced so photos don’t do her justice. Much better in motion.

  10. I’ve heard Jin from BTS looks like a literal faerie prince in real life and his beauty doesn’t translate through photos at all.

  11. It’s weird. Walt calls him a black gentlemen back in S2

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