1. I thought the actor for Slowik had the creep factor down extraordinarily well. Then I realized he played Voldemort and it all made sense.

  2. Are you black? If you are, I’m surprised they treated you so well in Korea.

  3. This is such a privileged perspective. What makes you think everyone has disposable income at every moment. People are frustrated at the lack of opportunities to buy the product when they finally do get some extra money.

  4. It just depends on the person 🤷🏻‍♀️ ive always found it to be hydrating, theyve saved my lips from horrible winter weather when nothing else did. And ive only known people who love the balm since it works for them, but there are some in the same boat as you on this page.

  5. Wow, that’s really interesting. I wonder what physiological differences between people would cause such opposite effects.

  6. It's not just you. There is no hydrating to those balm whatsoever. Its just pure marketing that makes people keep buying it over and over again.

  7. My theory is that those people are the ones who watched hotd thinking it was medieval euphoria

  8. Those glossier play eyeliners were awful. I got one in Brack and there was no color payoff on my eyes. It was really hard to sharpen and would crumble if I tried.

  9. We need Cregan x Jace. Way more interesting dynamic and we need more LGBT representation on tv.

  10. I liked in Smile how as the main character's stress level went up she quit looking so well put-together, lack of makeup. I felt like it added alot credibility.

  11. Last night in soho does this too with the main character, whose hair and makeup looks progressively shittier and disbelief as she goes insane

  12. They’ve lost touch with their customers. Who asked for a deodorant? And at that price?

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