1. I have a feeling someone's leaking information from like a "brainstorming" session or something, and Ken Prendergast is just taking it as the definite future plans. Taking over city, county, and federal buildings is quite the task...not to mention all the other privately owned properties. Not to mention there's absolutely no chance voters will let it be publicly funded.

  2. This is the guy who broke SHW headquarters well before any other new source did. He has lots of sources and has been proven right so often that I would trust him

  3. Absolutely. Ken usually nails it, that's why I find these leaks so weird. They're not overly specific and almost seems like they're "controlled leaks" to either gauge public response or distract from what's going on.

  4. I checked out your link. I'm not a fan of JD Vance but I do like that Tim Ryan's ad said that JD Vance wants to defund drug task forces in Ohio.

  5. If you're truly a "libertarian" you'd want to keep Vance out of the Senate, voting for a third party is essentially just voting for Vance.

  6. But if Tim Ryan wins and the Third Party vote is more than the spread, I'll be accused by JD Vance supporters of helping hand the election to Tim Ryan . I'm excited for it.

  7. If Tim Ryan wins Vance supporters will just think it's rigged, they won't care about 3rd party supporters.

  8. Well that would be less than ideal for the browns. I sure hope for the Browns sake the NFLPA has a better defense than mere “whataboutism”

  9. If Watson gets an "indefinite" suspension, the front office has to be on the hot seat, and if he's not reinstated for 2023, I don't see a way everyone's not gone from the top down. If for no other reason, Haslam has to put the blame somewhere.

  10. I’d agree, and from what Jason Loyd said on the Ken Carmen show a few days ago, AB was the driving force here. This goes up in smoke, he’s on the hot seat. Wasting another year or two of Chubb, Myles, Ward, etc will not go over well

  11. I figured it was Haslam and AB, but if AB was really the driving force... there's no chance he's not already on the hot seat. It could explain why Haslams didn't attend the presser in person

  12. Or you can teach your daughters about personal responsibility, abstinence, condoms, iud's and plan b.

  13. They're already planning to ban iuds, condoms, birth control, and plan b...especially plan b, iuds and birth control.

  14. The house and senate are not separate branches of the government, they are, combined, the legislative branch. The judicial branch is currently and overwhelmingly controlled by Republicans. So we only have 2 branches, and one of them so tenuously we can't pass any legislation.

  15. Just so people know, they were forced into doing this after clothing designer Marc Jacobs registered to trademark THE. OSU filed for one and then they worked out a settlement to both use it.

  16. Is forced really the right word here? Would they saw an opportunity to block others from doing so and did it be more appropriate?

  17. They goal was to block Marc Jacobs from getting it so he didn't block them from making their shirts and hats. I'm the end, they both get to use it how they wanted to use it.

  18. The new stadium opened in 1999, but was rushed and in need of a lot of major and expensive infrastructure repairs. A new stadium with a dome would be near $2 billion by the time it's built and the vast vast majority of that would be tax funded by Cuyahoga County residents.

  19. For those thinking this is for some deal with the NFL, there's still 4 cases out there.

  20. They're not, he even mentioned he looks forward to trying Solis' case in court.

  21. That fucking land bridge has been in discussion for ages. I believe it'll happen when the shovel hits the dirt with official blue prints and everything at the site.

  22. This is pretty much how Cleveland works in general...awesome renderings/plans released, nothing ever happens, and everyone eventually forgets about it.

  23. Sherwin Williams complex is under construction, though, no? There is hope.

  24. It's a single company moving its HQ from downtown to a new big building downtown. And honestly they still fucked it up because SW is still moving the R&D building from downtown to the suburbs.

  25. No, you and I are putting that money into Progressive Field. The stadium scam has found a welcome home in Cleveland.

  26. Browns stadium has been updated a few times fyi.

  27. Indianapolis got a Super Bowl. I don’t buy that.

  28. Have you ever been to Indy? The entire city is literally built around conventions and huge events. They also host the largest single day sporting event in the world every single year.

  29. No one thinks a dome will make us the next Austin or Asheville.

  30. No, everyone thinks it'll make us the next Indianapolis which isn't exactly a selling point.

  31. My family owns a bar and people literally lose their shit over that Hershey beer, I haven't tried but I still don't get it. It never lasts more than a few days.

  32. Tbh though I deeply regret my mistake of drinking it, it was very good.

  33. That's one of the reasons I won't drink it, the last thing I need is another alcoholic drink I love lol.

  34. My wife is a teacher, and holy shit does this piss her off like nothing I've ever seen before. And I say that as a husband who has had some fuck ups lol.

  35. If someone is of the mind that Deshame is innocent because he wasn't prosecuted, the same goes for these women. The FBI investigated and didn't prosecute

  36. In fairness, the FBI may still be investigating. Feds are notoriously slow when investigating crimes.

  37. My wife's a teacher, this is making her rethink her entire profession...and I'm not exaggerating.

  38. But they don't have school shooting due to armed teachers...

  39. North Korea doesn't have school shootings either, for that matter.

  40. If all he did was grab em by the pussy, I don't see what the problem is? When you're famous they just let you do it.

  41. Stan Hywet is a must, you can get such a wide variety of shots.

  42. Serious question: if Watson settles, he can only do that with existing cases right? So if he were to settle now there'd be nothing preventing more of these cases?

  43. That's correct, and it's much easier and cheaper to just join an existing suit than it is to start one on your own.

  44. There's like 5% of my fanhood left rooting for some bombshell to drop implicating the Texans and the league invalidating the trade. Maybe closer to 3%. I hate this.

  45. Wont happen brother, under any circumstances. Both sides did their due diligence and AB almost certainly knows every case coming down the pipeline, because I highly doubt this will be the last one.

  46. Oh cool, so DC is looking to completely abandon the few fans that they have left?

  47. They will probably drop it the Friday afternoon of 4th of July weekend (so July 1). Gotta avoid that media scrutiny.

  48. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see it the Sunday before or something. Anything to try and hide it.

  49. Do yourself a favor. When the switch is in the position this image shows (on, but more in the middle rather than fully up), put your ear close and listen. The switch is made to fully connect or disconnect the circuit, and when it's in the middle can cause some minor shorting that you'll hear as a light static or crackling sound. Shorts cause heat, heat causes melting and fire, fire is bad.

  50. I was thinking the exact same thing! Super super sketchy to do this.

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