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  1. Damn, seems like people here want this company to fail. I think Pei has the ability to fill the void left by OnePlus when 1+ decided to start making subpar shit and gave up on their software experience.

  2. You mean the same professional liar who time and time repeated the same mantra that they are a small company and totally not associated with Oppo? You have a memory of a goldfish or is it just some low IQ thing that makes people gullible?

  3. Site says the price will be 24,999 RS or 318.66 USD.... If I can buy it for 350 in the US honestly, I'm interested!

  4. That's the average monthly income in India lol.

  5. They're not Apple. They can't pay attention to details.

  6. Potentially killing someone goes way too far. This is disgusting.

  7. Choke the dog that’s biting you or anything else you don’t want it to be biting. They breathe through their nose, mainly, when their jaws are locked. Shutting off their airway triggers their self preservation instincts and they will let go. My uncle trained dogs in the Marine Corps and that’s how they would get them off when verbal commands failed. Sure, it’s sucks for the pooch, but would you rather get mauled or watch something get mauled to death or inconvenience an attacking animal for a couple seconds? The choice is yours.

  8. ya e2e encryption is all my family ever talks about.

  9. My grandmother won't talk to me unless I use e2e encryption

  10. Finally something that looks different. I'm digging it.

  11. You use Oppo Nord. Your opinion is invalid.

  12. You use Oppo Nord. Your opinion is invalid.

  13. It lowers us to their level. We aspire to greatness.

  14. Who is "them" and who is this "we"? And who defines what "greatness" means?

  15. Them is criminals. We is society at large. We define greatness as a society. Are you new to existing on this planet? Or is English not one of your first few languages?

  16. What gives you the objective authority to define what "greatness" means?

  17. If you are familiar with installing both Windows and Linux (read distros that sane people run), you know which one has lesser steps, quicker and simpler smh.

  18. Yeah because every normal human being install OS on a daily basis and have nothing to do with actually using it.

  19. Yes its easier than windows, in windows i have to go to registry to make my clock show seconds and on kde plasma i have to right click clock and click "show seconds"

  20. Yeah because every normal human feels the sudden urge to show seconds with time and is totally not a niche thing.

  21. Are there any combinations of things to get root and still be able to use Google Pay? I miss Viper4Android and haven't found a good non-root alternative (Wavelet is ok but it doesn't pack the same punch)

  22. Wavelet is a joke when compared to viper4android.

  23. Ever noticed how Microsoft employees go into hiding on these posts.

  24. office, only office, are the best two. Or just use Google Docs/Sheets on line

  25. None of those office suits can even render a word document properly. It makes indentation, font, margin, inline objects, tables and every other thing you can imagine of all messed up. And I don't understand what these office suites do but somehow it makes BRD documents look something from 1990s. But when you open it in Word, it looks perfect.

  26. Including LibreOffice. That's the one I use on my Linux work machine.

  27. How this is even possible? I'm Linux guy for close to 20 years and I did dumb shit but never something like that and pretty much always it was my fault. How can you fuck up so badly on first try?

  28. Because Linux is made by command line basement dwellers who are yet to interact with any normal human.

  29. Most obnoxious youtuber after "switched to Linux"

  30. I use arch with vim, it's perfect

  31. Maybe true for most of you basement dwellers. Vast majority of humans find GUI intuitive. If it were for you basement dwellers, we wouldn't even have touchscreen smartphone or any electronic gadgets.

  32. Don't give them any attention. Stop making posts about nothing and OnePlus. Just let it die. You people have learnt nothing from the professional liar aka the hype man.

  33. Of course, if you're a sociopath any degree of violence is a-okay.

  34. Why not? Is it that hard to not commit crimes for breakfast?

  35. I could use the same "logic" to justify someone shooting you for speeding or any other minor infraction. Same exact argument.

  36. Does speeding involve in stealing other people's properties? Does it cause bodily harm to someone? If yes, then sure.

  37. I don’t think that person just stops to eat and drink

  38. Why don't they just commit sudoku instead of resorting to rob other people?

  39. Ok... White shirt guys goin to jail.

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