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  1. I got a legendary automatic pipe rifle that has a 14% chance of crippling enemies. I always have an abundance of ammo and it cripples everything within 2 seconds. Very random but it’s probably the most useful weapon I carry. It honestly feels like cheating.

  2. That's a buff specific thing though. If you had another automatic weapon with 14% change buff it would be equally strong.

  3. Maybe I'm retarded but what does living on the academy mean? Like Air Force Academy on base housing?

  4. To assist this I use a program called natural reader for school

  5. Do you like reading, writing research papers, skill with MS excel, and PowerPoint?

  6. In every unit I've been to I wait for the best moment to turn all artwork upside down.

  7. I mean, when I went back after my first c-section, 6 weeks after birth, I still wasn't allowed to lift more than 8 lbs or walk more than 1/4 mile. I did it, but that was still in the period I was supposed to be on percoset all the time. 6 weeks for major abdominal surgery is just... not much at all. The concept that I follow my medical provider's orders and therefore can't get enough time to finish healing because following medical orders means I'm ineligible for the 12 week total is something ELSE.

  8. All the people that claim they can outdo this speed demon are insane

  9. There's a reason Hiruzen did anything he could to stop Orochimaru from resurrecting Minato.

  10. I didn't think it would be possible to resurrect Minato due to the reaper death seal. Its how they recovered the others when they needed to revive orochmaru

  11. Wonder if that'll ever translate to affordable vehicles

  12. Don't get me wrong but that's both parties.

  13. But they're right. There is a difference in those two terms.

  14. The bottom right says “not statistically significant”

  15. This is funny as heck. I know it doesn't say this, but that's talking more about their sample size than the effectiveness of masks.

  16. It shall live rent free in my brain from today forward.

  17. You need to include the fact that you have to pass the medical check for these locations. It's misleading otherwise. I would be in Thule right now had they let me go.

  18. Cav doesn't have a med check since it's still conus

  19. Good to know, does the Alaska option require it?

  20. The problem isn't that people are sick, it's that we have no sick leave options as supervisors past the 24 hour rule. So if their kid gets sick (2-4 days out), then they get sick (2-4 days), and finally their other kid gets sick (another 2-4 days). So they could be out for 12 days from that sickness alone. I don't think making someone take leave for that is entirely okay, they can't help it. Since quarters is our only method of obtaining sick leave it's pretty complicated.

  21. Oh I would love to play this right now in a marching band

  22. Am I the only one with the opinion that any Airman on duty automatically has more authority than any rando. Honestly, I would've told the dude that he's impeding traffic and told him to get going. Complaints are not made at the gate. If they're unhappy, they can always lodge a complaint with your unit. The thing is they don't have a complaint but just want to flex on young Airmen.

  23. You're absolutely right. In that moment that guard regardless of rank has the positional authority to execute their job in the name of security. They could easily deem any asshat a security risk and deny them entry or worse apprehend them.

  24. Lol ollo has been my greeting of choice since the movie debut.

  25. I use logical increments and don't bother to ask

  26. "A 'person' is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it." - Some guy that later was a bodyguard for some cheerleaders after fighting Batman for a bit.

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