1. AMD recommends a minimum of 800W because you might have an average to shitty PSU which says 800W but can't handle 100% for long. Real world power usage will be way below 800W so your cheap PSU will be fine.

  2. This, plus they assume a higher tier CPU that is often 150w+. Some of us are using mid-range CPUs that use half that, like I have a 5600x which is only 65w. Add 100w for mobo/drives/ram and that makes 165w in my case. A 350w 7900xtx would send that to 515w assuming every component is maxed out (rare unless you're doing stress testing). Even a good quality 650w should be plenty for a setup like that.

  3. ASUS' AMD models are never much to write home about. Sapphire, XFX, and PowerColor are much better

  4. I dunno, I really like my Strix 580. Triple fan which is way overkill but boy does that thing run cold. Pretty much never goes over 60c and the fans don't even run until it hits 50c.

  5. Oh boy, this gives me hope that we might get ray traced Number Muncher someday!

  6. Ah, but what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen duck?

  7. No, only rumors. I've also seen rumors that suggest only 6 and 8 core chips will be refreshed as x3d, but then that's just as much a rumor as the 7950x3d being made anyways.

  8. If you have a dedicated GPU, I'd get a 5600x or 5700x. The 5600x is cheaper and faster, and the 5700x is only a couple bucks more than the 5700g and is better still. For one, the 5700g only has 16mb of L3 vs the 32mb in both the 5600x/5700x. Also the 5700g doesn't support pcie4 if your motherboard has pcie/m2 slots that rely on the CPU. You can still have pcie4 if the motherboard chipset itself provides it, but any CPU reliant slots will be limited to pcie3.

  9. I’m considering that as well, with which MB to buy. I know amd has a good track of supporting multiple cpu releases without changing MB. Some users went from 1700 to 3700 without changing motherboard… so you think if I invest in a well built motherboard that it will be beneficial long-term with AMD upgrade path?

  10. Even further than that. I started with a 1500x and now I'm using a 5600x with the same B350 mobo. Only downside with that amount of longevity is you might miss out on cutting edge features, like I don't have pcie4 for example despite using a Zen 3 chip. That said, not having to go through the hassle of swapping a motherboard for 10 years is nice (got 5 years out of my 1500x, plan to go at least that long with the 5600x).

  11. I just want more Legends style games in general at this point. I think Hoenn or Alola would also make great potential future game regions

  12. You make some good points, and considering how 5800X3D sales for AM4 are cutting into AMD's sales of the 7000 series and AM5 you might have a point that they made a sub-optimal business decision.

  13. Yeah it was amazing being able to go straight from a 1500x to a 5600x on my B350 board. Huge leap in performance! Sure I lose out on PCIe4, but honestly it's not that big a difference from a decent PCIe3 SSD for my use case (mostly gaming).

  14. I just decided to upgrade from a Pixel 2 to a Pixel 7, because the battery is dying on my 2. I'm not looking forward to the size/weight increase, though.

  15. I ended up getting a replacement battery for my Pixel 2. Lasted 5 years so far, maybe I'll get another 5 outta it! Haven't felt enthusiasm for any of the newer Pixels so far.

  16. I know it's not on your list, but Sonic Mania and Sonic Generations are both great if you like 2D Sonic.

  17. I've got mine on a Vivo V100HU monitor arm for my PC. Kinda overkill (arm is rated for 40lbs, the TV is only 20lbs) but I'm definitely not worried about it dropping.

  18. Without the stand the 42" C2 is under 20lbs. (19.5lb to be exact)

  19. A 3600 is still a pretty capable CPU, especially for only a 3060 Ti. I'd check your CPU and GPU utilization. Stuff like Windows Task Manager or Afterburner can track that data for you.

  20. Look at your CPU and GPU utilization when gaming to see what's maxing out. That'll be the bottleneck that needs an upgrade.

  21. Certainly Goat Simulator is one of the most games of all time. I would also say I Am Bread and Octodad are contenders as well.

  22. Whatever you want dude! Find a new part of town to explore, maybe a restaurant you've never been to before. Go on a hike/bike ride. Pick up a hobby, try a new recipe, or learn to do some DIY projects for your house. Get a gym membership, join a club/organization that interests you, might make some new friends that way!

  23. It's fascinating seeing this post next to another one about how the GTX 690 and Radeon HD 7990 both launched at $999 almost a decade ago.

  24. It's fascinating seeing this post next to another one about how the GTX 690 and Radeon HD 7990 both launched at $999 almost a decade ago.

  25. The easiest way to check would be to watch your GPU and CPU usage while gaming. Whichever is maxed out is the current bottleneck for you.

  26. A 9900k wouldn't even be a very worthwhile upgrade, it's not that much better than the 9700f. Even the 9700 is pushing the limit of what your motherboard can handle. What are you needing the upgrade for?

  27. To tell you the truth, I saw that my current PC wouldn't quite meet the requirements of NFS: Unbound when that comes around and I decided to go excessive and upgrade some stuff like the PSU RAM and such to also handle a 3070 ti

  28. Recommended for that game is i7-8700 and RTX 2070. Your CPU is one generation newer, so you just need a better GPU. Your current CPU is plenty.

  29. Not sure why it's labeled that way either, you wouldn't want a GPU and CPU to share a power cable. In any case, the second 8 pin motherboard power port is technically unnecessary unless you plan on extreme overclocking. A single 8 pin CPU cable can provide something like 300w (vs 150w per PCI 8 pin cable) which only a handful of i9 and Threadripper CPUs even get close to after overclocking.

  30. It was $130 for 2 years or $210 for 5 years, I did 5 cuz it's obviously more with it compared to 2 years. Probably unnecessary, I know plenty of people that have used these TVs fine but the peace of mind is worth it to me.

  31. Does that also cover accidental damage and handling? I don't work in a store, but I repair stuff once it gets to me. My least favorite email to send out is to people who send in their all-in-one PCs for screen damage, since replacing the screen costs the same as buying a brand new computer. I would assume the same extends to TVs since the screens are even bigger.

  32. No, it doesn't cover accidental stuff. It does cover full costs for repair/replace for things like bad pixels, image burn in, speaker failure, power surges, and heat/humidity damage though.

  33. Just bought a Vivo V100HU on Amazon, looks like it's got solid reviews, good cable management, and can handle up to 40lb monitors. The version I got also has USB 3.0 ports in the base that can connect to your desktop's rear ports for easier access which is kinda neat. Won't have any personal opinions until I get it in a few days though. Usually with big displays people mention the Ergotron HX but that thing is like $300. This is only $100.

  34. No, Synapse is what controls the LEDs in the first place. You could try something lighter weight like OpenRGB. It's very basic compared to Synapse though.

  35. Hmm, not sure. Mine don't turn off as long as OpenRGB is running in the background.

  36. Yes, just about any modern controller can be used in Steam. I use both my Switch Pro and PS4 controller for Steam games fairly often. Not all games properly support it (usually there will be an icon on the game's store page indicating controller support, but if they don't you can try making a custom control setup through Steam's controller settings (unless there's already a custom preset someone made, which then you can use that).

  37. It was 4 months after the launch of the 6800xt/6900xt before the 6700xt came out, and another 5 months after that before the 6600xt came out. If AMD follows that pattern again it could be September before we see the 7600xt released. Possibly longer since they also need to release the 7800xt as well. (Though that could come out with the 7700xt, we can only guess for now)

  38. Then maybe i should upgrade to the RX 6600 and when the 7600 XT launches i could sell either my current 1050 ti or the RX 6600 to make up for some of the money it could cost.

  39. Yeah dude, then you can at least enjoy something for now. Besides, then you can wait to see benchmarks for how much better the 7000 series is over the 6000. It should be really good, but until 3rd party can test, we don't know how much.

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